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Please provide feedback to three students post. (apx 100 words each)

1) things that you like and appreciate in each case, and

2) things to improve in each case (be respectful)

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Student one: Dice N’ Dyne Cafe Were I to win money for my own company, I would create a series of branches of game cafes known as Dice N’ Dyne Cafe. These lines of cafes would be aimed at allowing customers to enjoy relaxing cafe experiences while also being places wherein individuals can play series of tabletop games such as cards, board games, or role playing. Vision Dice N’ Dyne envisions itself as a cafe line wherein individuals can come together to dine, play, and become a part of a tabletop game community. The cafe line aims to create affordable and accessible places wherein individuals can play games and relax without experiencing discrimination. Dice N’ Dyne also envisions itself as a pillar of the tabletop community wherein tabletop gaming is promoted and made aware of worldwide. People I would Hire The individuals I would hire would include people with expertise in cafe management, baristaing, the confectionary arts, and tabletop gaming, hosting, and promoting. Cultural Artifacts ● Logo: The logo is the first cultural artifact which will serve as the main identity and point of recognition for customers so they know a cafe is a Dice N’ Dyne cafe. The Dice N’ Dyne cafe logo is attached along with the paper. ● Architecture: All Dice N’ Dyne cafes will be recognized through their architecture which would include bright orange wooden exteriors. Orange is used in order to help signify Dice N’ Dyne as a place of creativity, happiness, and passion, but also relaxation. People in the Industry Two of my friends currently are employees at a cafe that hosts tabletop card games. Struggles that they experienced in the company included promoting events and ensuring that those who play card games do not disturb those who are just there in order to dine. They settled this by creating different areas for diners alone and for players. In addition to this, it was also a challenge to ensure that events hosted were kept under control and ensuring that gamers would comply to the policies of the cafe. Appendix Part I. Find Your Purpose in Your Organizational Life! 1. What makes you smile at work? What makes me smile at work is all of my workmates and I gathered to eat dinner together and talk. 2. What are your favorite things to do at work? My favorite things to do at work included clerical work and talking with other employees with regards to human resource concerns. 3. What makes you feel great about yourself at work? I would have to say this is the community of camaraderie in the workplace. Everyone is friends and works together. 4. Who inspires you most at work? Which qualities inspire you, in each person? My superiors served as my inspiration most. This is because they were understanding, emotional intelligent, but also assertive with issues. 5. What are you naturally good at? (Skills, abilities, etc.) I believe I have a natural talent for writing and talking to people with regards to conflict. 6. What do people typically ask you for help in at work? They usually ask me to help with rushed clerical work as I’m fast at writing. They also ask me to be present during conflicts so I can voice out my opinions on how to pacify the problem. 7. If you had to teach something, what would you teach? Critical thinking is important. It is always important to look at all sides of the story. 8. Go back to your Individual Case #1 (Week 3 Module). Which value did you pick when describing Virtuous What are your deepest values? Your value may have changed. What are your top three values among these? When picking Virtuous, I selected empathy. My deepest values are empathy, justice, and integrity. Student two: Part 1 There are countless ways to help, serve and contribute whether it’s with other people, organizations or even something as simple as doing something in your own backyard. After determining my passions, talents and values it gave me a better idea of how I want to give back. For starters, I am a big believer on living in the moment and making memories with the people I care about. I have always wanted to go and work at a food bank or do a volunteer service to give back. Since I love being around people, I can get a group of my friends together and we can all go and give back to our community. Not only will this help our community, but we would also have fun doing it and we would make some awesome memories with one another. After we have volunteered, I would feel so good about myself knowing I did something good and beneficial to the place that I grew up in. A few different ways I could use my talents to help and serve other people is helping kids with math. I love math and I am good at it (once I understand it). Children need tutors all the time and I am already great with kids therefor I could help a child with their problem areas in math. I have been told my numerous people that they know they can come and talk to me whenever about anything that is bothering them and I will always drop what I am doing to help and listen. I have been asked to give advice about things I have gone through (parents getting a divorce, balancing school and work etc.) so I could also help people by becoming a mentor of some sort helping people through the problems they are facing. Another way I could help people based on my values, is by putting together an organization that helps homeless people. I work in the heart of downtown Detroit right outside of Campus Martius and I see homeless people every day. Some are sweet and just want someone to talk to while others are angry and will cuss you out from across the street. No matter the circumstance, it really makes me sad thinking that I am in a nice warm building while people are out there freezing. Just today I walked past a gentleman and he was laying on the cement, rolled up in a ball, shivering. My leadership skills can come into handy by setting up a fundraiser to raise money for these men and women to help them get on their feet. No matter where they messed up in life everyone deserves a second chance and I am a very forgiving person and no one deserves to live like that. My other value, creativity, can help with this because I can make this fundraiser fun and unlike any other. People won’t think of it as a fundraiser, they will think of it as a party. I could plan a game night with food and drinks and everyone comes together to have a good time and helps the homeless people around us. Part 2 The business I would launch would be a holiday decorating service. This business would pursue my purpose because it will make people happy and provide a sense of joy in their lives. My vision statement would be “One call away from spending less time holiday decorating, and more time with your friends and family.” The people I would look to hire are those who seem joyful, love helping people and enjoy the holidays as much as I do. They must be nice and upbeat and love what they are doing. The way I would train them is by bringing them on jobs with me for the first month of their employment showing them the ins and outs of the business. This would also help with socializing by getting their names out there and make them familiar with the clientele. The kind of cultural artifacts I would form to emphasize my purpose of my company is having team outings once a month and corporate parties every 3 months. It is very important to make sure you can have fun with your coworkers outside of work. People work together better and have a better time working if they are working by their friends. Someone I know personally that loves the holidays and decorating as much as I do is my old manager Johnny. Johnny’s family owns a business and part of that business deals with Christmas decorating. Since I worked for this company for almost 2 years I was lucky enough to work hands on with some of the customers that wanted additional decorating done. From my experience and talking to Johnny, some of the biggest challenges and struggles are first, getting a company like this up and running. Around the holidays especially around Christmas time, money is tight for a lot of families and they are already cutting back on a lot so they might not want to spend money on an additional service such as decorating. With my company, this might be where I run into a lot of troubles because Christmas would be one of the biggest holidays that bring in the most profit. Another challenge he mentioned was they get a handful of customers who come in the store and need an office/house decorated in a very short amount of time because the customer came to the realization they can’t do it themselves because they don’t have the time. This bring us into the next struggle his company sometimes face. The holidays fall on the same date for everyone. Christmas- December 25, New Years - January 1st, Fourth of July –July 4th, so a lot of the decorating jobs they receive all need to be done within the same week. Him and his employees are usually putting in crazy hours 1-2 weeks before Christmas then they have nothing going on the week of Christmas. It isn’t like a party planning business where you have one party this week, another a month from now and one more a few weeks later. With a holiday decorating business, all the parties I get hired for will need to be completed within the same week or two. After all the negatives, Johnny did tell me even through all the stress, sweat and tears he wouldn’t change it for the world. In the beginning, he walks into this big empty room with the stressed customer and by the time they are done the room looks like a fairytale and the customer couldn’t be happier and that is exactly why I would want to launch this kind of business. Appendix 1 The things that make me smile at work are the people I work with and the memories we are making with each other. 2 My favorite things to do at work are working on spreadsheets that I created. 3 The thing that makes me feel great about myself at work is when a job finally get completed and our provider is happy. 4 The person that inspires me most at work is the person who trained me. They qualities that she has that inspire me is her motivation and passion for the job 5 I am typically good at figuring things out in excel and I really go that extra step to help people. 6 The things people typically ask me for help in at work in the check process and how we do it. Rather it be what step a check is in or if it has got delivered or not. 7 If I had to teach something I would teach math. 8 The value I picked for my virtuous self was my kindness and my love for learning. My deepest values are forgiveness and mercy, leadership and kindness. My top three values are creativity, leadership and hope. Student three: 1. What kinds of business (your DREAM company) will you launch? How is that business serve your purpose? My dream company would to start some type of non-profit that can help the kids I see everyday at school, and many others that don’t get that at home help they need. 2. Now you are a founder of your company. Formulate a vision statement for your company in 3-5 sentences. Our goal for this company is to help the children in need whether it be with school work, a place to get away from home, or to put clothes on their back. We will open our arms to every and any kid out there no matter what is happening in their life. It’s so important because while working at a school everyday especially in a area of poverty you meet kids who don’t have the best at home life. You especially realize this when the child gets down on themselves because of the school work. This will be a comfortable place where they can escape from their life and just be kids. 3. What kind of people would you hire? How would you train and socialize them? I would hire teachers like my mom, very compassionate and strict people. Who want to better these children’s lives instead of making them more difficult on them. I would also like to hire younger generations. One thing I learned is that a lot of times, because I’m young, kids come and talk to me a lot about what is happening in their life instead of an older teacher because they feel like they can relate. I would train and socialize them to make sure they are understanding, have them work with kids in little groups at a time or one on one so that way they really make a connection with them. 4. What kinds of cultural artifacts would you form to emphasize the purpose (=cultural values) of your company? Some cultural artifacts will be to always be there, always listen and never judge no matter what. There will be an open-door policy to come talk to any teacher, counselor, or anyone else you want to talk about. 5. Last, identify one or two people whom you know personally, who have worked or still work in a company or industry that is similar to your DREAM company. One person that I talked to about this is my mom. She is a great teacher, and actually is the one who taught me how to love my job. My mom knows about the home life of every single on of her students, which is over 150, and provides different type of help for every single one of them. Although it’s different then my dream company because of her I have become very compassionate about kids and helping better their life within school and outside of it. My mom gets to know these kids individually because they are all unique they all have different types of at home lives and this is important to know to make sure all kids feel special. One thing she told me while talking to her was to always be understanding, not only with the kids, but also with everyone else involved. She told me that you never really know what is going on in these people’s life so it’s important to be compassionate. Another thing she taught me is that these kids at home lives really impact what they’re doing at school, including school work and behavior. Some of these kids don’t get the support they need so they act out in behavioral ways, some work so hard taking care of their parents and siblings they just simply don’t have time to do their school work. My mom always makes time for her students to come before or after school to do the work they have missed, or they just did not have time to do. I think that it is really important to have a place for these kids to need help in their life no matter what it is, and so does my mom. Part 1 1. What makes you smile at work? (Activities, people, projects, etc.): something that makes me smile at work is when people are actually nice and understanding especially the customers. 2. What are your favorite things to do at work? While I’m subbing my favorite thing to do at work is to get to know the kids, and try to help them better themselves 3. What makes you feel great about yourself at work? my coworkers who are really understanding and compassionate 4. Who inspires you most at work? Which qualities inspire you, in each person? I would say my mom who is a teacher at the school I work for. She is the most understanding, compassionate person I know there. She is always working hard, she cares for her students so much and always wants to see them succeed 5. What are you naturally good at? (Skills, abilities, etc.): Naturally I think some skills I’m really good at is communication, and leadership 6. What do people typically ask you for help in at work? I think that at my retail job I’m very knowledgeable with out POS system so usually they will have me train new people who come into the job because I know everything about it. 7. If you had to teach something, what would you teach? I would teach math, I’ve always thought it was a challenge, but I enjoyed it. 8. Go back to your Individual Case #1 (Week 3 Module). Which value did you pick when describing Virtuous What are your deepest values? Your value may have changed. What are your top three values among these? Here note that the first set of questions (#1-4) was to identify your passion, the second set (#5-7) was to find your talents, and the last question (#8) was about your values. Given your passions, talents, and values, how could you use these resources to serve, to help, to contribute? (to people, beings, causes, organization, environment, planet, etc.) The virtuous values were kindness and love, humor, and family. Theses three things are definitely still the same. Kindness is important to help serve and contribute because you really never know what people are going through and who you are actually trying to help. It’s important to always be kind to people and help those who are in need, that’s what my family taught me which helps me serve. My family has taught me to always give back whenever I can. Every Christmas we go make baskets of food, clothes, and presents for children and then we deliver them to these families in needs. I love to give back to my community and help those in needs whenever I can and its all because my family taught me to love unconditionally. Lastly humor, I think being able to put a smile on someone can change their whole mood and day. Like I said before what I think about every time I meet someone new I don’t judge I just think to myself about how you never really know what anyone is ever going through, so always be kind, always try and put a smile on their face. ...
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You did an excellent job of coming up with a good vision statement. A good vision statement
acts as a direction for the organization; thus in your vision, you were able to set that direction by
saying that you aim to create affordable and accessible places...

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