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For the paper, students must summarize and explain the books contents with specific details. Get material only from the book, you must cover the assignment evenly. Dont write lots of info about only a few chapters and then skim the rest. The major challenge is to edit to the appropriate length, each chapter contains a lot of info and it takes time and effort to condense it all. It should be 3 pages typed, double spaced and about 320 words a page. It is necessary that the tutor that is used has an Apple product so i can electronically send you a copy of the book, as i have it on iBooks.

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Running head: THICKER THAN OIL


Thicker Than Oil





Thicker Than Oil

Thicker than oil is a book by Rachel Bronson which explains the relationship between the
United States and Saudi Arabia. The author describes instances where both countries have
benefited from their business and political interaction. The business aspect of the relationship
between both countries is based on oil whereby Saudi Arabia provides oil products to the United
States at reasonable prices and in return, the United States provides political and security
support. The relationship between the two countries has been strong and convenient since the
mid-twentieth century as they benefited by defeating the cold war. The United States fought
alongside Saudi Arabia against the Soviet Union and the spread of communism (Bronson, 2008).
However, their relationship has deteriorated since the end of the Cold War, and the incidence in
the 9/11 terror attack led to the questioning of the diplomacy of the United States and Saudi
Arabia. Therefore, the author tries to concentrate on the relationship between Saudi Arabia and
the United States and how both countries have benefited from business and political interactions.
The history of the United States interacting with Saudi Arabia started ...

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