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Using your own words and in APA formatting, write a 2–3 page paper on telematics technology, explaining how it works and providing examples of how it is currently being applied by law enforcement agencies around the U.S.

“That”-I will admit this is a personal issue with me, but I can tell you the excessive, unnecessary use of the word “that” seemed to be a prevalent issue with the class, almost to the student.  This habit can be very distractive to the reader and demonstrates poor grammar.  The best way I can tell you to overcome this problem is anytime you use the word “that” in a sentence, go back and read the sentence leaving the word “that” out.  If the sentence makes sense without the word, leave it out. 

Spaces- Minor issue, but APA rules require two-spaces after every period. 

I have attached a couple sample papers to this e-mail.

Paper Length-The paper length requirement does not include your Cover page, Reference page, or the Abstract page or the References page.  The font should be set at a #12 font.  In most cases (unless an instructor says no) it is okay if your paper goes longer than the minimum, but it should never be shorter than the minimum number of pages!  Also, make sure you set your paper at a two (double) spaces between lines. 

With the APA format, you need four separate subsections, the cover page, a page titled “Abstract” a page titled “Discussion” and the “References” page. 

  1. Cover page,
  2. An Abstract page where you BRIEFLY tell the reader what you are going to write about to include your “argument(s)” or points you intend to cover,
  3. A main body (“Discussion” page) where you go into detail over your main points.  Your Discussion page MUST contain in-text references that relate directly to you references page listing so I know where you used the information from each reference in the main body of your essay,
  4. A References page where you list all references used in your paper. 

Your paper must be supported by the MINIMUM of TWO of references/citations

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