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اسے یا در مور Description Assignment مکرون Due Dates: libre Rough Draft: November 2 Final Draft: November 9 Assignment: For this assignment, you will describe your perfect weather day. What would your perfect weather day be like? During what season would it occur? What makes this season superior to the other three? What would the temperature be? Where would you be most likely to spend such a day? What kinds of activities would you enjoy? What in particular would distinguish this day from other good-weather days you have enjoyed? For this assignment, write an essay of 500 words in which you address the ideas raised by these questions and others that these questions lead to. Create a fully developed and focused presentation for your reader by employing objective and subjective description and sensory details. Requirements: Include a cover page with your name, the class name, the title of your paper, the type of paper (such as Description Rough Draft), and the date. • Submit each draft of your paper to Dropbox before class begins on the class period it is due. • Bring 2 printed copies on Nov. 2, and 1 printed copy on Nov. 9. Make sure you reach the word count of 500 words. The cover page does not count toward your word count. • Include all the elements of a proper paper: Introduction, Thesis, Body, and Conclusion.
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