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This research paper is on prison reform.

You must have a thesis and it must be very narrow (defined). You are investigating in-depth (8-12 pages, not including the Works Cited page), not taking a book-length topic and skimming the surface.

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Long Final Research Paper This may be the time when you are most tempted to take a few shortcuts. Please allow me to FIRMLY advise you against it. I enjoy allowing my students to choose their own topics for this long paper, but that is also very risky for me because that may provide the temptation for someone to cheat. Chapter Six discusses plagiarism and ways to avoid it. You might want to take this time to review those penalties, as they are severe and I DO take plagiarism quite seriously. Remember that plagiarism can be unintentional, but the penalty is still the same – be careful. I will check and double-check your internet sources, and where possible, I will check your other sources as well as I grade your paper. If I suspect you of intentionally plagiarizing from any source, I will find it. I also use two plagiarism detection sources, SafeAssign and So to avoid any unpleasantries, decide here and now that you are going to bite the bullet and write your own paper. There are some important distinctions to be made before we proceed any further with this assignment. First, a research paper is not the report you did in middle school on the West Indies. There you may have consulted a few encyclopedias, a book or two, or maybe an internet source if you have recently graduated, but generally, you did not do too much more than cut and paste the information you found, and you most likely did not have to credit your sources (more on that later). Your main objective was probably breadth, not depth. So, unlike your earliest endeavors into research, this paper must NOT simply report. You must have a thesis and it must be very narrow (defined). You are investigating in-depth (8-12 pages, not including the Works Cited page), not taking a book-length topic and skimming the surface. This paper MUST TAKE AN ANGLE. You must argue a point or aspect of your subject. This should not be a paper about abortion or the death penalty; rather, this should be a paper on a topic that greatly interests you. A couple examples from last year included the closing of Air Force bases, increasing prison term sentences for violent crimes, changing the speed limit, abolishing property taxes, and decreasing the number of visas allowed for foreigners to come into our country. These were all well-written papers, because the authors were invested in the subject matter and created very strong arguments/examples to support their thesis. You must make use of a variety of sources, not just those you can easily download. That is not to say that you cannot rely exclusively on Internet sources, only that you have to make sure they are powerful sources. There are a number of problems with Internet sources that you should be aware of, with the most troublesome being credibility. Anyone can post a website on the WWW, and more and more people actually do a fairly professional-looking job of it. Remember too, that not much on the internet is older than about 15 years. While up-to-date material is great for some topics, there is a wealth of scholarly information that was written before 1990! 2 Now is the time to go to VU's home page. From there go to the Shake library home page. NOTE: You may use sources from anywhere; you do not have to limit yourself to the Vincennes Library. Be sure to look for material under the databases that can be accessed there and that you learned about when you did your research for Essays 1, 2 and 3, (search the “Find Books and Articles” heading at the top of the page). If you scroll through these databases with a general topic in mind, you should not have too much trouble coming up with something. Once you have done this, decide on a topic, hopefully something about which you are passionate. POSSIBLE TOPIC CHOICES The following topics are very broad and must be narrowed. They are the kind of topics you might want to choose – notice that there are no options for expository topics. Your topic must allow you take an angle, to prove or expose an aspect of it with which others might not agree. You do not have to choose one of the following topics; they are just examples of the kind of topic you can choose. Computer privacy and identity theft Genetic engineering/research Athletic abuses or mismanagement Environmental science Problems in educational system Problems with or for the Disabled Healthcare/pain management Architecture and design News or entertainment media Reassessment of historical figure or event- to reassess means to look at again in a new light or in a wholly different way. Research papers are investigative in nature. They usually have one of three purposes: to explain, to analyze, or to persuade. In this research paper, you will do all 3, but not necessarily all in the same amount. How much of each is your choice. In choosing a topic, try to avoid those topics that you “always wanted to know more about.” That may sound odd, but often students who choose those types of topics can only inform readers on the most general of levels. Choose a topic you know about already, or have an interest in, but wish to investigate further. After that, you can formalize one of those into the following proposal, which you can send to me if you are worried about its quality. Of course at this point in the course, you are probably pretty comfortable with your writing skills, so you do not have to send me anything. A proposal should include the following information: General topic 3 Thesis Statement: Possible narrowed ideas for the topic Rationale for Research (why does this need more investigation?) What resources have I already researched, proving that there is enough research out there to make my job here easy: ...
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Running head: PRISON REFORM


Prison Reform


Prison Reform

Prisons in America contains an excess of 1.5 million people which is an increase from
1978 of an excess of 390%. Contrastingly, the growth still continued despite the evidence of
reduced crime rates since the 90s. More than 600,000 individuals get released from the prisons
yearly (Goodstein & MacKenzie, 2013). After the release, these individuals get to face several
challenges in rejoining their communities as most of them face obstacles in opportunities
because of a lack of education and practical skills. Current strategies applied by the justice
system to rehabilitate and increase public safety have all been ineffective since most of them get
re-arrested later in the future. Prison reforms will offer remedies to the ineffective justice system
that several states, as well as the government, explored. It will emphasize on ensuring that the
public safety and restoration efforts by creating a constructive culture in the prison system. The
reforms will change the way incarceration gets handled through ways which permit the system to
develop and incentivize behaviors, attitudes that are related to personal responsibility. Achieving
the goals by prison reform will ensure access to programs that assist people in gaining job
training and relevant skills during the incarceration period. Also, through revision of the
correctional policies, it will ensure that obstacles get reduced towards the maintenance of
positive community relationships in the incarceration periods. Through the provision of
opportunities to gain skills as well as equip these people to strengthen their relationships, it can
assist them in achieving their full potential and change their lives when returning to the
community. The same way conservatives previously led in creating tough sentencing rules and
policies which bordered on imprisonment, they should also lead in reducing the prison
population. Reforming the American correctional system will not require the abandonment of
one conservative principle or going back to the disproven and policies which are disastrous that



blamed the society for crime and led to a few individuals getting held accountable for the
misdeeds (Dagan & Teles, 2016). Most significantly, increased focus on individual responsibility
that previously led to the mass incarceration move also promises to new agenda for prison
reforms. Additionally, combination with a renewed focus on effective punishment, attention to
issues surrounding the jailhouse, and new social attitudes to the ex-offenders can help shape the
prison reform which America needs urgently. Changes must be there if the country is to achieve
an effective justice system which will protect and enhance public safety and also respect human
Crime and Punishment
The current correctional system and the mass incarceration policy is a representation of
the theories which posit that individuals instead of the society are responsible for the criminal
acts. Such a view got widely embraced making no political leader dispute it in public. However,
its emphasis on locking people is costly. It is vital to consider alternatives before examining the
dominant view. In the latter periods of the 20th century, many Americans believed that the
society was responsible for the crimes and individuals will not engage in criminal acts due to
social deprivation. Even though the view now gets held with contempt, it still doesn't lack factual
grounding. The social theory of crime suggests that criminal acts are due to the unfortunate
social circumstances which few can overcome. It holds that the criminal justice system's
apparatus such as prisons and the courts do fewer efforts in diminishing crime (Stuntz, 2011).
Instead, the best method of combatting...

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