SPC2608 Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Rhetorical Analysis

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Purpose: The goal of this paper is to apply the concepts you have learned throughout this course to a historical speech.

Task: Select one speech from the following list and write a 3-4—page report analyzing the speech. Your report should be double spaced, adhere to APA style, and addresseach category listed below.

Speech options: Choose one of the top 100 speeches to evaluate from Americanrhetoric.com: https://www.americanrhetoric.com/top100speechesall...

Your analysis should address the following categories:

Organization: Analyze the organization of the speech. Does the speaker’s introduction and conclusion include the necessary elements, such as an attention getter, thesis, preview/review of main points, and concluding statement/call to action? What organizational pattern is used? Could the speaker have selected a more appropriate organizational pattern? Does the speaker use transitions? Are the main points clear and do they have enough supporting material? How could the speaker improve the organization of the speech? Explain your answers.

Content: Analyze the speaker’s use of persuasion. What type of argument/reasoning does the speaker use? Does the speaker use logos, ethos, and/or pathos? How? Does the speech contain any logical fallacies?What is the goal of this speech? Does the speaker achieve the goal? How could the speaker improve the use of persuasive elements? Explain your answers.

Vocal Delivery: Analyze the speaker’s vocal aspects of delivery. Does the speaker use proper paralinguistics? Does the speaker pause appropriately?Also, is the speech free from vocal fillers? Are words articulated and pronounced correctly? How could the speaker improve vocal aspects of delivery? Explain your answers

Physical Delivery: Analyze the speaker’s physical aspects of delivery. Does the speaker use proper kinesics? How does the speaker use posture, gestures, illustrators, and emblems? Does the speaker have good posture and eye contact? What facial expressions are used? How could the speaker improve physical aspects of delivery? Explain your answers.

Writing: Your paper should be at least 3 pages, double spaced, not including your heading. Your writing should be clear, concise, and easy to understand, and should be free from grammatical and syntactical errors. You should include an introduction, conclusion, and transitions in your paper. Cite sources using APA style if you use any outside resources.

A successful student will:

Clearly and thoroughly address all parts of the paper guidelines.

Show understanding of course concepts and apply them to the historical speech.

Cite sources using APA style where applicable.

Meet the minimum page length requirement.

Use clear and concise writing that is easy to understand and is free from errors.

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Hello am done working on it i choose martin luther speech i have adream


Martin Luther King Dream
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Martin Luther King Dream
'I have a dream' a public speech which was delivered by American civil rights activist
Martin Luther King Junior during the march in Washington for jobs and freedom on August 28,
1963, in which he called for civic and economic rights to end racism in the united states. King
Martin Luther Jr (southern Christian leadership conference), in his iconic speech at the Lincoln
Memorial in 1963 advocated for jobs and freedom. The king urged Americans to make real
promises to democracy. He also tried to capture the necessity for change and the potential for
change in the American society
The organization of his speech has a good approach since he began by having gratitude to
his audience as stated, ‘I am happy to join you today in what will go down in the history of great
demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.' The first bit of the speech is so interesting
hence seeking the audience attention, and in the conclusion bit we see he involves his audience,
and they all...

Awesome! Made my life easier.


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