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One of the responsibilities of the software designer will be to perform modeling so he or she can express diagrams to reveal information about the system and its overall structure and governing rules. The rules provide the meaning for the structural components. You can depict your designs either through text or graphics or both as designers. Part of the overall Unit 5 project is to model a software component and its behavior as part of the overall system.

In this Phase 3 assignment, you will need to use the unified modeling language (UML) 2.0 to create your software models for this unit assignment and to be integrated into the overall final project. In any graphics package available to you, study the UML 2.0 method of diagramming and then provide 1 use case and 1 activity diagram to depict the general types of behavior your software component will exhibit.

In the following assignment, provide the following behavioral diagrams following the principles of UML 2.0:

  • Use case diagram illustrating the functionality intended by your SW or system and for what actor; describe the sequence of actions that will provide the actor with something of value; and should be executed as a horizontal ellipse
  • UML activity diagram describing the step-by-step software processes needed to accomplish workflow (this should include an initial activity, activity, decisions, signals, concurrent activities, and a final activity)

Assignment should be completed in a modeling or available graphics tool and then copied over into Microsoft Word over 2–3 pages. Ensure all references are captured in a reference list in APA format.

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1 CLIENT SERVER DESIGN Client Server Design Antonio Larkin 4-13-2019 CLIENT SERVER DESIGN Table of Contents Software Design Introduction IP 1……………………………………………………..3 Client/server design /Project Web-based design/Sales user interface design project ……………………3 Software Design Specifics IP 2………………………………………………………..6 2 CLIENT SERVER DESIGN 3 A client-server design is an application structure that separates workloads among the providers of an overhaul known as server and service requesters called client. Client and server interact over a computer network on different hardware but may both be on the same system. The server runs one or more programs that share service with a client. A client doesn’t share is information but requests a server content, Client initiate announcement assembly with the servers. Client-server describes the association of collaborating programs in a system. Servers are differed anted by services they provide i.e a network server serves netting piece of paper with a file server serves computer records. A shared service may perhaps be any of computer software along with electronic drives. From programs, data, the processor to storage devices. A computer may serve as a server, client or both but it's indomitable by the character of the application service functionality (Lombillo, Blanco, Pereda, Villegas, Carrasco, & Balbás 2016). A distinct computer can serve a network server in addition to file server software simultaneously to serve clients requesting differently Clients software can communicate with software on the equivalent computer. There is also a server to server communication. A client doesn’t have to be apprehensive by way of how the server behaves while receiving and responding during a request. Client and server perform a response to response messaging mode which enables them to exchange messages. This is interposes communication where a computer must have a common language. There must be rules to guide both the server CLIENT SERVER DESIGN 4 and client which are outlined on the communication protocol. The client-server protocol operates in the application layer which outlines the dialogue pattern. To enhance data exchange the server has to put into operation an application programming boundary which is a construct layer for admittance service. Example of client server design The purpose of the system and the software is for an online bank. When a customer access this service by means of a web browser the customer sends a request to banks web server. Customer log in details is accumulated in a database which web server accesses as the client. A server application processes the returned information through initiating bank business logic which offers production to the network server and the web server to client-server for display. This is the appeal reply pattern and when the pattern is complete the network server returns information to the client. CLIENT SERVER DESIGN The history of this developed system began with the evolvement of personal computers which replaced terminals. Computer technology evolution made the processing split between personal computers and mainstreams. As the technology grew the networks grew also hence the limitations file sharing model became obstacles in the client-server system. The solution to the problem is replacing the file sharing with the database (Calvo, Gracia, & Bayo, 2017). This enables the execution of data requested return result sets to clients instead of transmitting along with saving the folder to the customer. This reduces network traffic thus allowing several users to modernize information at the equivalent time. The communication between client and server is enhanced by the structured query language and remote procedure calls. There are categories of client-server structural design. The two-tier architecture allows a client to connect directly to the server, has fast development speed and well in a small population. Its problem is the allocation of application sense and doling out. To overcome this Three Tier is introduced this enables to connect to application server only. 5 6 CLIENT SERVER DESIGN McDonald’s Mail Server The server architecture links data processing ability between PC’s also known as client and the powerful end workstation also refereed as the server. Further, all the application programs must be on the PC and with such the traffic on network is minimized to data synthesis requests from the client to the main server. From the data synthesis, network traffic becomes low and the performance of the server improves. In the current technology, the server and client share information through LAN (Local Area Networks) but McDonald’s Mail Server still operate on the 1st generation Token Ring, the network does not operate on Ethernet Standards, this makes the system to be at risk more so when sensitive information is shared (Funkhouser, 2016). The security might be compromised because the database operates on its own server, moreover, the server and client link can easily breakdown structurally among the main server, client computer and the middleware which makes communication possible. Another disadvantage of Token Ring is the poor efficiency making the server to be slow. In order to improve the speed of the mail server and improve the sending speed between servers and the clients, the following measures were taken; first a proper design of the SMTP connections must be set in a multiple simultaneous manner up to the maximum allowed SMTP, further, application of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) in pipelining protocols makes the delivery speed of multiples mails to be first especially when it has many recipients. Finally, the token ring sends only a single mail per the server connection, it also disconnect and connect often making many connection overhead which makes mail recalling a very difficult thing, CLIENT SERVER DESIGN 7 therefore replacing the server with LAN that has standard Ethernet will offer more than 3000 mails to be send on a single SMTP server. Another important factor is to improve the server Hardware, this factor is applicable between the server and clients although the mail server’s hardware is also an important factor to be considered. The following factors will improve the server hardware, first is to separate spool and data, this improves efficiency and speed (Whitten, 2000). The RAM drive should be used for the spool in order to improve the speed and to avoid disconnect and reconnect problem. It will be also important to expand the memory and to make it match with the number of clients depending on the server, this will minimize breakdown. Finally, because of the security loopholes in the server the following factors should be implemented to secure the mail, first, because the company mail systems use The Domain Name System lookups to check authenticity of the senders mail domain before it goes to the inbox, a reverse lookup should be set which will help to block fake mail senders that end up as scammers. Setting the reverse lookup, the company’s SMTP will be able to verify the IP address from the host and domain names in a secure command known as EHLO. It is quite useful in message blocking that will not meet the match test. Lastly, a good setup to authenticate SMTP that will properly control the use access will be necessary; the measure will block pen relay and the abuse of the server. The above authentication process is very necessary in the company server since breakdowns will reduce and in turn reduce the cost of maintenance 8 CLIENT SERVER DESIGN References Funkhouser, T. A. (2016, April). RING: A client-server system for multi-user virtual environments. In Proceedings of the 2016 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics (pp. 85-ff). ACM. Whitten, J. L., Bentley, L. D., & Dittman, K. C. (2000). Systems Analysis and Design Methods 5e. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Lombillo, I., Blanco, H., Pereda, J., Villegas, L., Carrasco, C., & Balbás, J. (2016). Structural health monitoring of a damaged church: design of an integrated platform of electronic instrumentation, data acquisition and client/server software. Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 23(1), 69-81. Calvo, J., Gracia, J., & Bayo, E. (2017). Robust design to optimize client–server bidirectional communication for structural analysis web applications or services. Advances in Engineering Software, 112, 136-146. ...
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