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This project is a practical memo on a company interested in expanding into another country. The memo focuses on the international business law and practices for the international expansion of your chosen company.

The CEO of your selected company has requested that you assist with developing overseas-expansion plans for the firm. Your role is to complete a comprehensive memo responding to the CEO’s request. Specifically, this course project will be completed in memo form, and it will include your research and a framework that the firm should consider in its expansion efforts. The framework should include guidelines and identify key issues that affect or may potentially affect the company and its various departments.There are different elements of the project that you will build in the three phases. You should investigate the kinds of issues that a firm is likely to face in an environment of international business laws and the types of transactions that are commonplace for firms.As part of your research, you may find other relevant issues that may affect your business, which are not covered in the lessons. In particular, note any pending regulations, laws, or relevant issues that may be evolving. The framework that you include should be practical, relevant, and presented in a user-friendly manner.

The audience for your memo is the board of directors of the firm. In addition to the memo itself, you must develop a communication plan on how you would propose informing and engaging the employees of the firm. The final project should contain a separate reference page of sources used in the project.You must develop a template for the course project. This should be in the form of a table of contents that forms part of the deliverables. In addition, begin to develop a reference page of key resources and sources that you will use in the remaining two sections of the course project.

For Phase 1, select a company and a country that you plan to export/expand into, and develop a brief company profile for the firm as well as a brief overview of the country. Complete a company profile for the firm, a corporate profile (facts on the company), and a brief overview of the selected country. This assignment must be two to three pages in length, not counting the table of contents, the title page, and the references.

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Hey. Here is the complete work. It is Phase 1. When you need the other two parts later on, Phase 2 and Phase 3, Invite me to do the work since I understand what I have done for the Phase 1.


Phase 1: Company Profile
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Phase 1: Company Profile
PepsiCo Company needs to expand its business in South Sudan so as to achieve a
sustainable growth. By expanding the business to South Sudan, the will be leveraged to be able
to compete in the global market. New market in South Sudan which has a potential marketplace
will be a milestone for PepsiCo Company. Therefore, this report is on the expanding a business
in South Sudan. The report discusses the mode of entry, Human resource needs, m...

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