National Labor Relations Event Within the Past 5 Years Assignment

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Fully describe a national or international labor relations event/conflict within the past 5 years, making the case for each side. Then pick a side and provide a comprehensive rationale for why you chose that side. Examples of labor relations events/conflicts include organized protests, work stoppages, arbitration cases, and lawsuits. The paper may reference notes and materials provided in the course, but most of the content should originate from outside of class with at least three different references cited. The case paper should be at least 8 but not more than 10 pages in length (including small pictures, graphics, tables, quotes, etc.). Papers must be typed, double-spaced, using 12pt. font with one-inch margins, page numbers, with a title page (title page does not count as a page) that includes the student’s name, assignment and course number. All papers must use APA or other appropriate guidelines for citing materials that are not the original ideas of the student.

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Labor Relation Lawsuit
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Labor Relation Lawsuit

The Department of Labor of the United States entered into a mutual agreement with
James T. Lind and McKees Rocks Industrial Enterprises Inc on July 7th, 2015 to resolve a
specific lawsuit regarding a general laborer being terminated illegally. The general laborer raised
various safety concerns at the work site of McKees Rocks Company that is a terminal facility
and industrial park. As a result, (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration
department carried out an inspection of the entire company. Based on the examination, the
worker was first reassigned his responsibilities and terminated later on from his occupation.
In regard to the Occupational Safety and Health Assistant Secretary Michaels David,
every employee is entitled to a right to call the department to settle workplace issues concerning
their health and safety in disregard to fear of being retaliated. This is the reason OSHA has an
unwavering commitment of legally intervening when employees fall as victims of wrongful
terminations. In this lawsuit, the worker filed a grievance after the termination claiming that
defendants had breached OSHA Act, Section 11 (c). After a thorough investigation was carried
out by OSHA, the firm was found to have violated the section by wrongly firing the worker
based on retaliation of personal safety complaint. The company, however, filed a suit in 2015
September in the Federal Court District in the quest of reinstatement as well as monetary
damages instilled on the general laborer (Miller & Ester, 2012).
The District Court of the United States filed a judgment that the Pennsylvanian Western
District should provide $100,000 payment to the worker. As a matter of fact, it is crystal clear
that the ruling permanently forbids those perpetrators from being capable of violating
Occupational Safety and Health provisions of the whistleblower (Walsh & Schwarz, 2015). This



implies that the judgment calls upon the perpetrators to prominently display relevant information
on protections of the whistleblower at the company, delete all actions of disciplinary in the
laborer’s official record of employment and give prospective employers neutral references for
the employee. Employees are fully covered by enforcements provided by OSHA through
whistleblower provisions together with various statutes that safeguard those who report
desecrations of employment laws (Ko, Mendeloff & Gray, 2010).
In the real sense, retaliating against workers is unlawful, and thus such situations must be
dealt with by Congress enacted provisions found in the whistleblower (Grodin, 2010). An
employer or a firm should provide specific protected information to the media, union or the
government that protects their workers. Additionally, the workers who find that they are being
retaliated for taking part in protecting their conduct should file complaints about an immediate

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