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Exactly 13.1 ml of water at 27 degrees celsius?

is added to a hot iron skillet. all of the water is converted into steam at 100.0 degrees celsius. the mass of the pan is 1.10 kg and the molar heat capacity of iron is 25.19 J/(mole * degrees celsius). What is the temperature change of the skillet?

Nov 3rd, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!

We have to first of all determine the heat required to convert the water at 27 degree Celsius to water at 100 degree Celsius plus the heat required to convert all the liquid at 100 degree C to steam at 100 degree Celsius.

Step 1

Heat required to convert the water from 27 degree Celsius to 100 degree Celsius


m=mass of water =13.1ml=13.1 gram as density is 1g/ml

c=specific heat of water =4.184 J/g degree C

Heat ,H1=13.1*4.184*(100-27)J=4001.1592J=4KJ

Step 2

Calculating the heat required to convert the water at 100 degree C to steam at 100 degree C

Enthalpy of vaporization of water=40.7 KJ/mol

Heat used=40.7*.727 =29.62KJ

Total Heat required by the water=29.62+4 KJ=33.62KJ

Now the heat released by iron=nCDT

n=mole =1100/55.8=19.71 mole

dT=change in temperature


dT=65.77 degree C(answer)

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Nov 3rd, 2015

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Nov 3rd, 2015
Nov 3rd, 2015
Oct 22nd, 2017
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