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This week during lecture we began thinking about the "College For All Philosophy" and Student Loan Debt. Based on the ideas presented in the course readings, the points made during lecture and within the documentary we watched, here are four sets of questions for you to write about:

1. What's the point of going to college? Critically evaluate two justifications for attending college, and be sure to mention the social origins of these competing explanations. (For example, if college is for "getting a good job," why do we share this notion in society?)

2. On Wednesday during class, we watched Default: The Student Loan Documentary. What did you think about the documentary? How did watching it make you feel? All things considered, do you believe that taking out student loans to finance a college education is a wise financial decision?

3. Given the phenomena of student loan debt, propose two specific actions that we all could take to remedy the student debt crisis. Why do you believe those specific actions would make a positive difference in alleviating the personal troubles experienced by borrowers and their families?

4. Is student loan debt a form of modern-day indentured servitude? Why or why not?

Please draft a written response to either #1 or #2 or #3 or #4. Your choice.

Your written responses must be between 500-600 words.

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Is student loan debt a form of modern-day indentured servitude? Why or why not?
There is a massive number of the American generation that has borrowed heavily for
their enlightenment through education, with hundreds of thousands from this number in debts.
According to Austin, (2013), about thirty-seven thousand Million Americans owes students loan
amounting to a total of 1 trillion dollars. This constitutes indentured generation with many out of
this number living most of their lives with this burden. Out of this number, some will, in the end,
pay their borrowings, many more will default, and other portion will get a modificatio...

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