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What are community based programs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of community based programs? Please explain your answer.

Nov 5th, 2015

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Community based program is a social program that enables social service provider,organizers ,designers and evaluator to serve specific community in their own environment.This program design approach depends on the participatory approach of community development often associated with community based social work, and is often employed by community organizations.


a)They have been helpful in reducing  crime

b)The mortality rate  related to viral spread diseases through shared syringes and needles have been reduced .

c)Increased sustainability

d) Gaining insight into the social context of an issue or problem.

e) interaction with professionals from other disciplines.


a)Community based program may not  work because of limited resources available.

b)Propensity for high levels of staff turnover.

c)Reliance upon unpaid volunteers.

Although there are disadvantages but the advantages of community based program is much more leading to greater sustainability of environment and resources.



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Nov 5th, 2015

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Nov 5th, 2015
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