College Algebra Miniature Golf Word Problem 6

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Problem 6

o What are the coordinates of the point (x,y)?

o Give the equation for the path of the ball, showing all work. Explain why you do each step.

o Include a screenshot of the graph of your equation (use, verifying that it goes through the given points.

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6. Miniature Golf A golfer is trying to make a hole-in-one on the miniature golf green shown. The golf ball is at the point (2.5, 2) and the hole is at the point (9.5, 2). The golfer wants to bank the ball off the side wall of the green at the point (2, y). Find the coordinates of the point (2, y). Then write an equation for the path of the ball. (x, y) A 8 ft . 12 ft
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Ball coordinates = (2.5, 2)
Hole coordi...

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