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Part 1

First Impressions

For this assignment, pretend you are writing a journal or diary entry. Write about your first week at Grantham – things that surprised you, and things that made you feel a bit overwhelmed. Since this is a diary/journal, be sure to explore your feelings along with describing the events that occurred.

Here are some prompts to start your thinking. Address at least five of these prompts in your response:

1.What motivated you to attend college

2.What factors influenced your decision to come to Grantham University

3.What are some of the things about college that you are looking forward to

4.What are some of the motivators that will keep you going if/when you encounter challenges

5.Your developing relationship with your Student Advisor

6.Your first impression of your instructors

7.Your first impression of your fellow students

8.How you expect your life to change while you are a college student

9.How you expect your life to change once you graduate from college

Part 2

Grit and Growth

This week, you viewed two video lectures (the “source material”). The first video was Dr. Angela Duckworth explaining her concept of “grit” and the second video was Dr. Carol Dweck explaining her concept of “growth mindset”.

Your assignment is to:

Summarize the Duckworth “Grit” video

Summarize the Dweck “Growth” video

Write a comparison in your own words of how these concepts relate to each other.

Please write a paragraph for each bullet above and use complete sentences. The total length of this assignment is 750 words (double-spaced, using 12 pt. Times New Roman). Use Microsoft Word to prepare your assignment. You will attach the Word document to the assignment dropbox (do not type directly into the dropbox).

When it comes down to creating documents, I use word for everything. Microsoft office is my best friend. I do a lot of things for my job along with a lot of things for my church so therefore Microsoft office have everything that I need to make sure I am able to complete the things that I need to complete to be successful.

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My First Week at Grantham College
Institutional Affiliation




What motivated me to attend College
The key motive for me to attend the college was that at Grantham College they offer
students with an opportunity of studying and getting some degree of experience on several
specialized subjects like catering, which is essential in getting an understanding of what is expected
in a specific job position in future. The college provides in real life experience the college have a
student union whereby one is free to express his/her opinion concerning a matter.
The factors which influenced my decision to go to Grantham University
The key factor that impacted on my decision to come to Grantham college was that there
are free trips free of outlay. Also, I was overwhelmed by the fact that there were some subject
areas that gives one a chance to have experience in conditions of real life. The Grantham college
Student Union encouraged me to join Grantham college since every student get a say of different
situations that arises from the college, one can also participate in o...

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