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"Electronic Marketing Resources" Please respond to the following:

1. Imagine you are the marketing director for a fairly new company that provides cleaning services to property owners who rent their homes frequently in a beach-front community. Due to a lack of funding, you are limited to using one electronic marketing resource. Identify which resource you would utilize and
explain why that resource would be the most appropriate given your current situation.

2. Decide how your strategy would change if you were working for a well-established company with enough capital to utilize all available electronic marketing resources.

"Segment Profiles" Please respond to the following:

1. Imagine you are the vice president of marketing operations for a company. Based on the nature of your business, identify two segment profiles that you would focus on when developing your e-Marketing strategies. Provide a justification as to why you would focus on the two segment profiles that you have identified.

2. Analyze how your e-Marketing strategies would differ if you were focusing on appealing to a separate segment profile and explain why.

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