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This is a paper for my religion class ( its a final paper) I am supposed to write about a specific religion ( ISLAM ) and pick a specific ritual they practice to fulfill a religious duty. In this paper go into full detail about the ' HAJJ' pilgrimage explain why this is a duty for muslims and ect.. please make sure to cite all sources,, thank you!

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Hajj Pilgrimage
The world is continually changing and, in the process, wiping away some of the popular
practices. Notably, the contemporary world has significantly evolved in relation with the 18 th and
19th century whereby slavery was an accepted practice or most recently the place of women in
many nations as inferior in comparison to their male counterparts. However, irrespective of the
vast changes, religion remains a key player in most activities within the society. Importantly,
diverse religions have distinctive beliefs and practices with a primary intention of retaining their
identity in a continually evolving world. The focus on Islamic religion outlines a paramount and
key ritual, Hajj Pilgrimage, that occurs annually and requires Muslims to carry it out at least once
in their lifetime.
A Focus on Rituals
Rituals are crucial to the lives of different people depending on their beliefs. People from
distinct ethnic and religious affiliations have rituals and practices that they follow strictly.
Importantly, people carry out rituals because they appeal to them whether it is socially, mentally,
or emotionally. The unique focus on rituals outlines practices which regulate social connection,
performance goal states, and emotions (Hobson, Schroeder, and Risen). There has been a
considerable decline in attention for rituals in the present times. Traditionally, the rites of

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passage were important aspects of any person’s life. However, people are consistently walking
away from popular rituals.
Conversely, rituals still appeal to some people and some religions. There are societies
which expect change through rituals while others underline that the failure to uphold certain
rituals can have dire consequences on an individual all the community in general. Rituals are
extensively important in certain religions as they offer a central point from distraction and give
people hope of something different and better. Notably, rituals motivate and move and can play a
key role in the creation of bonds. Islamic religion holds such a ritual, the Hajj Pilgrimage which
is paramount for all Muslims.
Hajj Pilgrimage
Hajj is one of the most critical pillars of Isla...

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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