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describe a healthy, productive learning environment, including (1)space, (2)materials, (3)learning equipment, Be sure to explain each of these in ample detail and include multiple examples.

What limitations exist that might impact your ability to develop a quality-learning environment?

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Healthy Productive Learning Experience
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Learning is a process of gaining new or adding on to existing knowledge, skills,
behaviours and habits. Learning can be inherent or acquired through a repeated set of actions that
are guided by instructions. This article will major on ‘classroom learning’ that is acquired by
repeated exposures to guides, instructions and information. Many perceive learning occurs
automatically after exposure to information, this is contrary to the real situation. Effective
learning does not just happen, a healthy productive learning environment is key if we have to
achieve this. A variety of strategies have to be implemented in order to create this environment.
This includes the provision of adequate space that fosters concentration, enough and appropriate
material supporting the theoretical information not to forget enough learning equipment needed
both compulsory and complementary. Realization of these factors will definitely contribute to
the achievement of effective learning.
Space can be analyzed by looking at the school at large but I will narrow down to the
classroom to be more specific. The factors to be considered are the geographical position of the
classroom. It should be situated at a place of peace and quiet away from noise such as highways
with their distracting traffic. If this cannot be achieved it should have soundproof walls. The
available space in the room should be standard, a scenario of cramming of the student should not
be the case. The architecture ought to be thorough in that the window must be large enough to let
in the fresh air and natural lighting, spacing must be built in a way that enables all the students to
make eye contact with the instructor. Temperature regulating technologies are to be installed.
The furniture is not to be forgotten, the seats and tables should be of comfortable height and size.
All this contribute to achieving a good classroom climate that encourages comfortability,
concentration and a sense of good feeling to be in class.



A learning environment with no material would be equated ...

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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