Virtual Merchandise Ecommerce Business Plan Project

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- Come up with an internet or e-commerce business plan

- Objectives must be realistic and be creative.

- The document should 8 pages long

- Including the list of sources (5 max)

- MLA or APA is ok

Follow this outline:

1. Executive Summary

2. Business Description

  1. What does your industry look like?
  2. What is your mission statement? Goals? Objectives? Business model?
  3. What customer needs does your product/service fulfill?
  4. What products and services will you offer?

3. Market Analysis

  1. Who are your customers?
  2. How many customers are in your target markets?
  3. Are these markets growing? steady? declining?

4. Competitor Analysis

  1. Who are your competitors?
  2. What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  3. What specific attributes does your product or service have that your competitors' don't?
  4. What are your sources of competitive advantage?

5. Operations

  1. How will the product be produced or the service delivered?
  2. How will customer service be delivered?
  3. Who is on the management team and what do they contribute to the business?
  4. A domain name
  5. How will Web site hosting and development be managed?
  6. Marketing and promotion of your website
  7. Methods to fund your online business

6. Financial Statements

  1. What financing is required to implement the business plan?
  2. Who will provide the financing?
  3. How profitable will the business be?

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E-commerce Business Plan
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E-commerce Business Plan
Executive Summary
The proposed e-commerce business is “Virtual Merchandise.” The business is a start-up
company which aims to be the leader in the e-commerce market. The business is to offer online
consumers and merchants with a trouble-free and uniform way of returning purchased
merchandise online through a collaborative website. The firm also provides an interconnection
between various businesses. Interconnected businesses can either be online or physical with
transactions mainly on non-perishable products. Mainly, the business uses a consolation kind of
approach to handle all the returns of various products as the consumers wish. This will ensure
that online businesspeople are saved from bad sales and also to increase the retention level of
their customers by increasing their satisfaction levels.
Furthermore, the services offered by Virtual Merchandise are targeted to help in
increasing and retaining the number of repeat customers in various businesses. Clients are
provided with a permanent centralized online location from where the customers can return their
unwanted purchased products. The business is also positioned for fast growth through the use of
fast-mover advantages and also based on the trends of the e-commerce industry. Interoperability
of the business will also be considered as much as possible since various persons are expected to
be involved in the cross-selling. The company also aims to create a barrier that prevents
competition entry and also to gain a competitive advantage through innovation.

Business Description
The Face of the Industry
Global businesses are characterized by complexity and competitiveness. With the
increasing technological changes and dynamic web content, these challenges have continued to
rapidly increase (Pantano, Priporas, Sorace, & Iazzolino, 2017). It is, therefore, salient for the
various businesses to become innovative so that they can be up to date with the changing
technology. From the industry trend, it is clear that only an innovative business that embraces
technology is the one to be on the top of competitiveness.
As a result, e-commerce is a new industry that has changed the business face of various
companies. Yang, Shi, and Yan (2017) stated that ecommerce has experienced remarkable
growth in productivity but has also suffered from input congestion. Such congestions negatively
impact the productivity of e-commerce. Yang, Shi, and Yan (2017) further revealed that effects
on productivity with e-commerce directly influences the profitability of the business. Based on
the current state of e-commerce, it is clear that there is a need for more e-commerce businesses.
It is for this reason that Virtual Merchandise targets to enter into the market because of the
increased opportunity.
Mission Statement
The mission of the business is to improve the services that customers receive online,
increase the sales of various businesses, and to increase the retention of customers in the
different businesses with heightened reusability and usability of the interactive website.



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