Week 4 Strategic Plan for Controlling Luring of Youths into Terrorism Assignment

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As a culmination of your previous work in this course, you will be asked to draw upon all that you have learned. Be creative in your project, and look for nontraditional ideas to promote the emerging discipline of homeland security.

Complete the following for the project:

  • Develop a comprehensive, strategic 5-year plan for your community relating to current homeland security hazards, risks, and vulnerabilities.
    • Include all of the elements that were discussed in Week 2, including the details on how to facilitate or manage the planning process.
  • Your plan must include a training outline that incorporates new members and existing members.
    • The outline should address the various levels of operation: policy, strategic, tactical, and task.
  • Select an appropriate organizational construct for your region.
    • Determine which agencies will be involved in your larger group, and explain why they belong.
      • Frame the strategic plan from the big-picture point of view, expanding upon the details of the collective group strategic plan.
  • Include the financial plan to support your agency's strategic plan, training plan, and involvement in a regional collaboration (or other organizational construct).
    • Give detail on your funding sources.
      • This aspect may have a great impact on your selection of an organizational design.
  • Defend each of your decisions and positions, and provide support from your research and from the course materials.
  • If properly constructed, your comprehensive plan document should not exceed 10 pages in length, including charts, graphs, or tables.
  • Use proper APA format.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Clearly identify the discipline for which the strategic plan is being developed: emergency management or homeland security.
  • Specifically identify the agencies or the membership of the strategic planning group.
  • Identify the goals and objectives.
  • Identify the method of assessing the environment by using a SWOT analysis or other method.
    • This analysis should be specific.
  • A timeline should be identified listing the key steps in the process.
  • The plan should be written at the strategic level so that the tactical-level members of the organization can use the strategic plan as guidance in developing their operations.
  • A detailed financial plan should be included that specifically identifies normal, emergency, and recovery funding sources from local, state, county, and federal sources.
    • Include the requirements and restrictions of these funding programs.
  • Provide a list of resources that are available compared to a shortfall of anticipated resources.
    • List the mutual-aid capacity where these shortfall items may be obtained.
  • Supply a sample MOA that identifies emergency funding, procedures, and policy that support the selection and use of vendors that would be used in lieu of mutual-aid resources.
  • Supply a policy or procedure for emergency purchasing, including a chain-of-command identification by position of function, not by individual name.
    • This procedure should include actions that address the compromise of the normal flow to ensure that the system will function and not rely upon individuals only.
  • Add a scenario that is based on a strategic planning model (in general terms) that addresses the following:
    • The idea of scenario planning as an alternate method
    • A biological event at the local level.
      • This may be as simple as community-acquired influenza of no specific origin (a difficult flu season).
  • Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.

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Please find attached the completed strategic plan. Thank you.

Running head: STRATEGIC PLAN


Strategic Plan for Controlling Luring of Youths into Terrorism
Student’s Name:
Institutional Affiliation:


Strategic Plan for Controlling Luring of Youths into Terrorism
Youths around the world are joining extremist groups every day, mainly for monetary

benefits reasons. In most cases, the youngsters realize the kind of damage they do to their life too
late for to reverse their membership. While many boys who are successfully indoctrinated move
to the terrorism hotspots to join their trainers, some remain in their homes to carry out terrorist
acts. On the other hand, the girls who join the groups only support the manifesto of terrorists in
the communities, through providing information and being housewives to the terrorists. With the
increasing number of Muslims and Mosques in the world, the terrorists are able to take
advantage of madrassa sessions offered in mosques to brainwash youths and younger children to
join the groups. Preventing the current youths from joining terrorist groups provides security for
future generations, given the tightened security in the US entry points of foreigners (United
States, 2014). Terrorism is a sensitive homeland security issue and controlling it makes the
Americans safe in their land. Winning back the lured youths will entail encouraging safe
reporting by their family members and friends, identifying their characteristics and funding their
correction. The group is a useful resource for the government in countering extremism
infiltration into the country. The strategic plan entails ways of attracting youths who are
currently being trained to join terrorism, and those who have already joined, as well as budgeting
for the project.
Membership of the Strategic Planning group
The strategic planning group will consist of six individuals. The first will be my colleague and
myself, as we are coming up with the plan for the safety of the community from terrorism based
on observed changes. The second member will be a representative from the Department of


Homeland Security who will ensure that the plan developed meets the goals of the institution,
and the third member will be a representative from the governor’s office. The member will be a

representative from the US Bureau of Counterterrorism. Lastly, the group will have two religious
leaders; one a Muslim and the o...

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