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Sum & average by excluding repeated values in an array and no of occurrence of each values . For example: Given array [5 ] [5] [2] [1] [0] [9] [4] [2] [1] Output, the number of occurrence of each element by sorting them. 0 1 1 2 2 2 4 1 5 2 9 1 Also, output the sum and average of the given array. You have the scripts for all episodes of star trek the next generation as text files in the format episode001.txt through to episode086.txt You are to read each file and count the number of times anyone says the phrase "make it so" and the phrase "number one" and print on the console the counts for each phrase at the end of the process. 1) Inheritance Question: A Zoo contains many Animals. Each Animal has an animalName, nickname, weight, age and colour. a)Create an animal class and 3 sub classes called Lion, Panda and a Monkey. Create setters and getters for the Animal class. Also create appropriate constructor(s). b)Create a new class called Zoo. Inside Zoo create an array that holds 2 Lion's, 1 Panda and 1 Monkey. c)The Zoo needs to keep records of all the animals by exporting all the animal details into a file. Export the animalName, nickname, weight, age and colour of every animal contained in the array in Zoo to a file called "zoo-animals.txt". Extra Part: Create functionality to the Zoo class to allow them to read the records of the animals contained in "zoo-animals.txt". make sure you take into account the different ways the phrase could be printed.
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