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Nov 11th, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!

Given th4e vertices of the triangle

A(3,-1,4)  ,B(4,-2,6) and C(5,0,2)

AB=<4-3,-2-(-1),2-4> => <1,-1,2>

BC=><5-4,0-(-2),2-6> => <1,2,-4>

Now the magnitude of AB,|AB|=


Magnitude of BC =|BC| =

The angle between the two vector ,

cos theta =[AB.BC]/|AB||BC|=-.8017



Therefore the area of the triangle is =

A =.5*sqrt6*sqrt21*.5976 =3.5(answer)

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Nov 11th, 2015


Please make sure to see that **sin(theta)=.5766 and not sin(theta)=.3572(mistyped)

Nov 11th, 2015

Sure this right. 

Nov 11th, 2015

Yes 100% I have also checked my answer using calculator.Just make the correction the area is 3.35.I did a mistake in multiplying at the last


I am also sending the snapshot of the calculator answer.

I send the calculator snapshot just to make you more confident about my answer.**


Nov 11th, 2015

could u write how u solved it on a sheet of paper then send it?

Nov 11th, 2015

Hey,Why you gave me a negative review although I answered correctly.You would have asked me your doubt and then decide whether my explanation was effective or not.


Nov 11th, 2015

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Nov 11th, 2015
Nov 11th, 2015
Oct 23rd, 2017
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