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An introductory letter that includes an honest reflection on your growth as a writer, your experience of different news assignments, challenges and rewards of your work for the course, and hopes for the future as a news consumer, writer, and/or maker. Highlight specific examples from the portfolio. 400-600 words.

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Your name Instructor Course Date Sultan Alsulaiman. April 29, 2019 The Cultural diversity and cooking. What comes in mind when you hear cooking is food, which type of food, was it tasting sweet with sweet smell? Who cooked it and desire to hate or love that food comes in. People from different societies. Many communities prefer women cooking others don’t care much who cooks but in 21st-century men are becoming much better chefs compared to women and most also love to be in the kitchen. Previously women in many cultural diversities were tagged or tasked with kitchen chores including cooking where they if they tried to do another thing apart from kitchen chores men reckoned at them and jokingly and arrogantly told them off from other events. The concept of men cooking is taken as a mystery in some societies. Cooking has become basic and survival to everyone, thus men who go to towns, cities, school workplaces where they don’t accompany themselves with women they have to learn to cook because buying food from restaurants tends to be expensive. Food may create affection towards each other in a family or people who share the same meal regularly from the same cook, creating a strong bond. Some people cook food because it is a necessity, others cook food because of love and passion for cooking while others will like a cooked meal from another person. Those who prepare food for love sometimes is hard to really understand how cooking food to someone means to them. The question is can men really be great cooks The research was done on this topic in Harrisonburg city on three students in college who were interviewed, this student came from backgrounds with different perception on men cooking thus they are the perfect example. Three of them (students) stay in the same college but they do different courses. They were friends thus they stay in the same house leading them to have duties in doing their chores, one is cooking. The interview focuses on their chores and especially cooking and how they perceive it. Insights provided in this research are based on interview questions they were asked. The first person is Hamad and he is from Dubai. The second person is Ram and he is from India. The third person is Ali and he is from Saudi Arabia. Hamad is from Dubai and his passion and hobby are cooking. “I love cooking and I see cooking as a way of mediation that why in my free time you will see me in kitchen trying new recipes or my favorite ones” Hamad says with that look of ‘you should see me in kitchen’ he says he offers to cook for his friend and he values cooking for someone as a way of thanking them. ‘In my culture, we embrace men cooking, there are cooking competitions for men and all genders in our society and we love so much in participating in it especially me’ Hamad says. He takes cookery related course in college thus it can show his much love for cooking. According to Hamad, his cooking got to a notch higher when he graduated from college, cooking has become his way of life and many people love his food. “Cooking is a hobby and an interest I developed while I was young, I would accompany my parents while cooking I had so much desire of cooking which later lead to my occupation where my recipes and food are loved and appraised by many people who enjoy eating my food,” On other hand Ram despises cooking, ‘If someone sees me cooing especially my age mates from home, they would laugh at me and say am not man enough because only when are supposed to cook from our society’ he says men from his locality in India don’t cook. He adds ‘it’s uncalled for a man to cook and worst for him to serve, if he does this what women and girls will do.’ Most of the time Ram eats in restaurants and cooks when he does not have money to buy food or his roommates reminds it's his turn and duty to cook. As for Ram, he says that as he grew up he came to note that food is not meant for survival but for occasions, ‘there is ready-made food mostly in many areas and is not a must one to cook because you can survive without cooking because cooking is for women.’ This article gives us insight that we should be resourceful while cooking. There is a story of a girl who grows alongside her mother until she gets married, she admires her mother’s cookery skills but she is unable to perfect them, only to know later that the basis of her mother’s cookery is salt. This shows us that we should be intuitive and be able to understand new challenges with new resolutions, we don’t have to do what others are doing, we can create our own recipe for our own food. Sultan Alsulaiman April 29, 2019 When you hear about United States of America all that comes in our mind is a super powerful country, the great country where everyone wishes to visit. It’s a country with many laws and at the same time a free country where many laws have been written, ratified, changed and removed especially laws on democracy and guns regulation. In this article, I will specifically discuss guns regulation in the most powerful country in the world. As many of the founding laws of the country which were written by founding fathers still exist and one which is mostly discussed is law pertaining to guns. In 1789, there was the introduction of gun law in the second amendment known as the right to bear arms and it was ratified in 15th December 1791. The amendment was mainly to protect public against oppressive government officers and government, the militia is the group which was formed to bear arms for their own protection, this laws later has come to create divisive discussion due to change of time and different reasons for owning guns. The law is being interpreted differently by different people from different perspectives, these are From originalist, textualist, liberalism, and conservatives point of view or perception. Originalists are people who interpret law word by word without changing anything. They interpret the law which was initially written based on exact reasons the individuals who wrote the law, how they perceived things and what did they think about the next generation. Originalist argues on the logic that law gun document was relevant to people of that time but due to change laws need to change. Textualist is people who interpret the texts written in the second amendment and also other documents and letters related to the laws of that time. They look into these texts and try to understand the main reason they were written and for what purpose. Liberals are people who look at the law in its literal meaning, they believe that the document was written for a well-organized militia to protect its citizens and loved ones from the federal government which they wanted to be accountable for their deed. They believe there is no reason to arm citizens with military weapons because the time seems different from those days and situations are different but laws on regulating gun holders has become so hard. Conservatives are people who believe in holding traditions of founding laws of the country which they believe are vital. They believe individuals holding guns or militia for protection against the government but still be regulated due to increasing rates of death regarding guns. They believe the law should remain as it is and stop regulating so much militia because it may lead to acquiring of the more illegal gun because many people will need them for protection. A brief history on owning of the gun. The amendment says that ‘a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’ which was ratified in December 1791, it was set when Americans where fighting for independence from Great Britain and anticipated revolution thus t would enable militia to protect its people and communities in times of war. This is because many people believed that higher government, used its much power to oppress people and also soldiers. The lack of trust between people led to the formation of militia and ratification of the law on the gun holder. James Madison specifically proposed the second amendment shortly after the Constitution was ratified to give more power to militia which later participated in gaining independence for the country from English people. The former government later tried to disarm militia which led to the second amendment and it is the most argued because everyone can be accepted in the militia but there were wrangles on which age should join and what type of people. Different data have been collected to show different effects of gun holders in United States. The second amendment has led to the immediate issue because of the damage it has caused due to qualified and unqualified gun holders. Between the year 2012 and 2016, there has been a high increase in death rates surrounding guns. This has to lead to more look and want to regulate gun holding in the society where according to statistics from TRACE more than 33000 people died in every year of between 2012 to 2016 In classified gun incidents there have been more than 50000 between 2014 to 2017 which has been logged into the system where majority cases of those people killed or injured are teens who use their guardians or parents guns and attack others Where there were higher rates of shooting is on unintentional shootings which according to statistics have been high too followed by defensive uses, murder of children or injury, murder-suicides, and mass shooting going down respectively. In international cases of gun-related cases on the percentage of homicide in countries; the USA had the highest rate of 64% as of 2016 followed by Canada with 30.5% as of 2015 than Australia with 13% as of 2013/2014 and England and Wales with 4.5% as of 2015/2016. This was a homicide index collected internationally from FBI source. Americans have most citizens in the world owning guns as of statistics of VOX. Guns today in America. Second amendments have reached great heights of discussion due to the misuse of guns by civilians. Death toll tends to increase every year in this country especially mass shootings which have led the country to start reconsidering their laws regarding ownership of guns. The last two years the rates of death has increased leading to government to start to consider this privilege which is turning to be a catastrophe to people. This discussion and topic lead me to interview political professor Deanne Chenoweth. ‘In my opinion, the issue on the second amendment is not whether it should be banned or not but it should be about how they should be regulated.’ she had textualists point of view when she tried to explain what they meant about the document. She goes on to elaborate, ‘back then militia was armed for protection of their people from the government which later give people of America independence thus showing the great importance of arming individuals of militia for individual protection and it’s a great history for our country which cannot be just terminated.’ she said so with a feeling of being proud of her country.she however, said it's important to note that times have changed and civilians should not own high-grade guns and if those they own should be regulated and be known the proximity they can use them. My opinion in my opinion on the second amendment, the government seems to be divided on the matter about gun law though it is great history for Americans to own guns, they should know who owns a gun and what type of gun. This is because the earlier purpose of guns was to kill terminate and destroy anything in the protection of the other. Gun being a dangerous weapon it should be regulated with regard to current time for maintenance of American history and security of people at large. I will consider modeling the law to fit current and future time of ownership of guns because of its more realistic approach for lawmakers in the position of doing so to affect change in our great nation. Sultan Alsulaiman Interviewee: Emmanuel Kampanga 547 words April 29, 2019 SPOTLIGHT When you think about liberal arts especially in specificity in biology, pre-law and political sciences then I bring to you a graduate of EMU by the name Emmanuel Kampanga, who specialized in this course. He participated in emu co-curriculum activities especially in a men soccer team for four years where he was their goalkeeper and later team leader in his final year. I interviewed Emmanuel on what it takes to achieve greatness in a team. He smiled and said he would give me three methods in achieving great results in teamwork and personal level. He said, “First my dear friend you need commitment, I repeat commitment, second is training and execution which I will refer as one than last and not least sacrifice.” Then he continued to explain them; Commitment This, according to him is the most important thing in a team and oneself. To him being committed means coming to the realization that you are not only representing yourself but also the whole team. You ask yourself what you bring in the table. How committed are you in being great in the greatness of team and getting desired results? And also he explained part of being committed is making the team first priority for you. In EMU they had created a ‘WE BEFORE ME’ slogan which took him almost three years to come to understand this slogan well. One of his teammates who commented on this said that it was always hard for them to convince Emmanuel but at least they could see the great change he had brought to himself and the team Training and execution. Training and execution being the second, EMU men’s soccer had mandatory training time for all members where they trained every day except on Sunday and game days though members had to create their own time and train alone to create more flexibility and better themselves. This later showed team members the effort each other was doing when they execute what they were training and brought the feeling of each member wanting to be valued and adding greatness in their team by adding the gained ability to teams achievement leading to teammates being happy of each other. The best moment is not always winning but knowing each team member gave their best and can be proud of themselves. Sacrifice. Being the third and also one of the vital requirements of great results, it has to come to knowledge to each teammate that there is always a sacrifice to be done. This means one has to sacrifice some things like socializing, clubbing for those who love it and other activities to give your best to your team. Sacrifice is temporarily suspending all your activities to one vital thing for them. “Sacrifice for some things is hard to decide but when you imagine the results you will get when you have to pay that price,” Emmanuel told me has he smiled with confidence and that feeling that shows it the only way to get the best results. In conclusion, Emmanuel said that these methods have tremendously made him improve in person and to his team and he would highly recommend to any teammembers and as in personal level on improving oneself.
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