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Function of The Web Server IDE and Web Browsers Paper

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Each response should be between 25 – 50 words and in some cases, include examples. There is no programming necessary to answer these questions; however, you may refer to class or homework to help with the response.

  1. What is the function of the web server, IDE and web browsers?
  2. Why are the use comments, white space, and indentation important in software development?
  3. What is the purpose of the .html, .css and the .js files that work together to produce the webpage?
  4. Describe two types of errors that can happen in software development. Provide an example of each (you can use your own experience) to support your answer.
  5. What is the difference between built-in JavaScript functions and user-defined functions? Provide an example of ones you have used or created.
  6. Why and how are variables used in JavaScript (as does it relate to HTML)?
  7. How are JavaScript functions triggered? Provide an example.
  8. How do decision structures work (If/Else & Switch/Case)?
  9. Why are arrays useful? How do you use them differently than a variable? Provide an example from class or make up a new one.
  10. What does a loop do? Define initialization and loop termination in For loops. Why are they essential components of loops?

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The function of a web browser is the ability to respond to commands and eventually
being able to not only interpret, but also display HTML pages. The core function of a web server
is to be able to store and processes web pages when required to by particular clients.
The use of these elements is important in software programming majorly because it

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