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Need to have at least 15 citations but does not have to be 15 different sources

need to cite about the jazz diplomacy, there is a documentary online

other citations from movies could be from Jazz Ambassadors
Ken Burn's Jazz Series #7 Dedicated to Chaos
I Am Not Your Negro
Black Panthers: Vanguards of Revolution

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ETHN 2432 African American History: Midterm Essay Worth 100 Points This is a Critical Thought/Critical Writing Essay Due Tuesday April 30 in class Hardcopy: No Emailed Copies Define the “African American Experience” What is it? What is it not? How have African American Women and Men contributed to the societal (cultural, political, economic etc.) experience in the United States? In other words, from your point of view what is the African American historical experience and what are the most pressing issues and ills it is seeking to address, if not redress? While considering and addressing topics such as “Jazz Diplomacy” what type of “additional or other” political, social, and/or economic Agenda could you personally construct in regards to current collective issues regarding racism in the United States? Keep in mind, merely stressing what folk of Africana descent in the United States could be doing to shift present state of affairs is simply “dropping” the workload on already marginalized folk. In other words stress how “whiteness” and “white privilege” can be altered to create institutional transformations? This is an Eight-Page Double-Spaced Essay (Please Try Not To Go Over Eight Pages.) 12pt. Font. A minimum of Fifteen Citations is Required. Outside Sources are Ok, especially Nell Irvin Painters’ Creating Black Americans: African American History and Its Meanings, 1619 To The Present. Use the citation style that you are most familiar with i.e. Chicago, MLA, etc. I expect an essay with an introduction, conclusion, and cover page. This is an Academic-Formal Essay. Please Express Sensitive Critical Thought
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African American Outline
Thesis statement: American Africans experience can be characterized by oppression and
discrimination that led to suffering and poverty experience throughout their stay in America.
1. Introduction
2. Body
a. African American experience can be defined by racism.
b. African American experience can also be defined by slavery
c. The term can be defined with child abuse. The children of the Africans were
subjected to labor long before the legal age to work.
d. The Africans in America experience can be described with oppression and torture.
e. The African American experience can be defined with limited voting rights. The
Africans Americans were not allowed to vote in the country.
f. In the plantations, African American was defined with Christianity. Through the
joining together in the farms, the Africans were able to introduce to a common
denomination which was Christianity.
g. The definition of the African American experience is an issue that brought
controversy even in the past.
h. The African Americans can be defined with the cold-blooded deaths that they
experienced amid the Africans
i. In terms of education, African Americans can be characterized as the people with the
lowest levels of education.
j. Additionally, African Americans have defined rigid cultural beliefs and practice
k. Consequently, the African American experience can be defined with mass
l. The African Americans experience can be defined with a lack of civil rights.
m. On the other hand, the African American experience can be defined with the power of
n. Lastly, the African American experience can be defined with job discrimination
3. Conclusion
4. Reference


African American Experience


African American Experience
The interaction between the Africans and the Americans started a long time ago in 1500
where the Americans were the people who visited African. The part of Africa that was of their
interest was West Africa. During the 1500s West Africa had already introduced the slave trade,
and they had slaves who worked in the farms. With the interaction with Americans, the slave
trade intensified to the extent of human trafficking in the country. Human beings were
transported from West Africa to the United States to work as the slaves in the farms. Slavery was
something that the Africans were used to and were comfortable with slavery to survive in the
country (Ekberg & Person, 2017). The Africans were suitable to work as slaves to an extent they
formed informal groups and married each other and brought up their children as they worked as
slaves. The relation between the Americans and the Africans was much distanced to the extent
the African obeyed the Americans like their superiors. American Africans experience can be
characterized by oppression and discrimination that led to suffering and poverty experience
throughout their stay in America.
African American experience can be defined by racism. The Americans never recognized
the Africans as their fellow human counterparts. They believed the African were only suitable to
work in their firms with minimum or no pay (Kokaliari, Roy, & Taylor, 2019). The Africans
were discriminated in American with their skin colors, and they hardly gained access to
necessities in America. African America was considered as only dependent on the aid for their
survival in the country. The treatment that as accorded to the Africans was very primitive as
compared to the Americas who were in their native lands. The racism extended even to the
public facilities in the name that the Africans depended mainly on their traditional norms to


survive in the environment. The Africans were oppressed literally in America without any human
consideration in the country.
African American experience can also be defined by slavery. The African operated the
slaves market in wh...

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