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For your final assignment, you will be doing the leading on identifying a film that helps us understand leadership. For this exercise, place yourself in the role of a manger interested in demonstrating aspects of leadership and its importance to your team. Your objective is not to tell them about why leadership is important or why they should respect you as a leader. Rather your objective is to train the team you lead as leaders.

Step 1. Select a film that you find interesting but is not one of the films we used in the course. It should be a film that you enjoy or covers a topic that is important or even a person that you admire. The film can be a documentary or a work f fiction. Answer the following about the film:

  1. What is the Name of the Film?
  2. Who is the director of the film?
  3. Briefly provide a synopsis of the film (about 200 words) describing what the film is about. Use your own words. Do not copy resources like IMDB. It is important you organize this synopsis from your point of view.

Step 2. You have already done the readings from the previous chapters of the text for the course. Select three theories/sections of the assigned chapters. Of course, the introduction and Chapter 1 have little utility so select others. I strongly encourage you to select one three of the following set to make this section easier:

  1. Blake and Mouton
  2. Charisma
  3. Contingency Theory
  4. Leader Member
  5. Ohio State Studies
  6. Path-Goal Theory
  7. Personality: Five-Factor Model
  8. Trait Approach (Intelligence, Self-Confidence, Determination)

Step 3. How does the film address organizational culture? What does the film help your team understand about organizational culture? (about 200- 300 words)

  1. Point to specific parts of the film addressing the power of culture (provide a reference point the story line or time point such as at 50:10 [50 minutes 10 seconds]
  2. State how the film

Step 4. Select a specific scene of the film you select and provide a detailed analysis (about 750 words). Breakdown the scene in a manner that helps a team member understand the following:

  1. Why is the scene important an important for understanding leadership?
  2. Describe the main point or interactions and what does each tell a team member about how they can become better leaders?
  3. Deconstruct for the team how the scene demonstrates at least one but preferably (for the highest grade) all three of your selections in Step 2.

Guidance: It really doesn’t matter what the film is. This is about putting together a training intervention for your team. Remember that you are using the film to help the team understand that main point of leadership you want to communicate in Step 2. You are also using the film to help model behavior for employees. If you can locate a copy of the relevant scene on a platform like YouTube, include the link. It will make your analysis easier to place in context.

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Leadership film analysis
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It is with no doubt that the whole course has being informative on matters leadership and
I was not expecting anything less from this final part. Through the analysis of a film, I will
address more aspects of leadership and more specifically how to train a team to lead as leaders.
Step 1
1. The Name of the Film – Coach Carter
2. The director of the film - Thomas Carter

3. Synopsis

Coach Carter is a great bibliographical- sports -drama -leadership film written by renowned
writers, John Gatins and Mark Schwan, and directed by the super director, Thomas Carter. In the
movie, the writers depict the life of a once established marketer and publisher turned high school
basketball coach, Ken Carter, as he tries to educate his players that there is more to life than
lousily playing high school basketball.

Things were not that good immediately after taking the coaching gig. There were many
disagreements and conflicts in the team, and it also did not help that they kept loosing. At one
point, one of his players tried assaulting him. However, Carter was keen on achieving his goals
and did not give up on the team despite the latter. He employed new methods and techniques to
not only make the team better but also to ensure that the players excelled in life outside school.
The bad news was that even after adopting the new techniques, the team was still lacking in
some areas. He had to take more drastic measures, e.g., suspending all the players, which were
met with opposition from all direction. At this point, his measures have become known



nationwide as the media also took an interest in the matter. However, despite...

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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