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1. deals with opportunity cost (how, what and for whom things are produced /consumed). 2. entrepreneurial ability. 3. 113 same. 4. concept of capital. 5. deal with scarcity. 6. deals with what is macroeconomics, and what relates/covers. 7. PPC. 8. roles of fed reserve. 9. core inflation. 10. chairman of fed. 11. what fed funds rate is about. 12. open market operations. 13. open market operations. 14. general terms about a market/regarding market. 15. demand curve. 16. comparison vs normal and inferior goods. 17. warm winter-how effects supply/demand curve in what way. 18. characteristics of supply. 19. characteristics of supply. 20. fiscal policy (gait): taxation, spending, expenditure. 21. concept of a budget deficits. 22. continuous budget deficits. 23. equilibrium. 24. equilibrium. 25. what is not revenue source for fed government? 26. what is not 27. impact of monetary policy on GDP. 28. supply side economics. 29. fiscal policy-what fiscal policy will decrease real GDP when implemented. 30. best way of measuring growth/productivity. 31. opportunity cost of going to college: tuition, food, rent, supplies. Go deeper-read problem. 32. economy and PPC: compare corn and rice. 33. table-two countries-rice/corn-what is x represents cost for producing. 34. comparative advantage. 35. equilibrium-impact on gas by hurricane. 36. demand. 37. quantity theory of money, equation of exchange, how inflation occurs. 38. unexpected inflation. 39. real rate of return-result of inflation, nominal interest rates. 40. #39 relates to same concept 41. 42. one terminate in agg. demand, consumer optimism test-household. 43. nominal GDP. 44. implicit GDP price deflator-brings down arrest GDP 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 27 impact of monetary policy on GDP o supply side economics 29) fiscal policy - what fiscal policy will decrease read GOP When implemented 3) best way of measuring growth / praktivity Fox S) opportunity.cost of going to college - tuition, Sca, rank, supplies I go deeper-real problem 32 economy and PPC xe compare con rice 33) Table - two cantries - rice.com - what is x app, cast for producing 34 comparative advantae 35) equilibrium - impact on gus by turniaane 36 demand 37 quantity theory of money; equation of exchange how imate soundspected inflation 490 40) #39 - relates to some concept 41 we ose what in calculating cost of bon realfint from 42) one determinante in gg. demand, consumer potiousm fast- hossched naminal GOP need to apply La low44) implicit GDP price deflator-brings down arrent GDP, deflies to larice to base your 45) nominal GDP for patiabr year - defindian of GDP Hodepicting GoP as the age penblure nobl 13) marginal product of labor doring winter due bassive what happens to balamdomand cine 949) aylayament during recess 125 pail.com. Bu her sons and opplysnigel how lesends to fooble nga question: nom-infl= real V octalin 39 real rate of return - result of inflation, nominal interest rates 43 νυν δημνο marginal; 47/what is cyclical unemployement och conomy has → Final Exam 1 deals with sportunity cost? - how, what and for whom things zentraperverial ability are preliced consumed * 3)* 1/3 same 4) concept of capital 5 deals w/ scarcity 6) deals w/ what is macroeconomics, and what relates (covers 2 PPC Ordes of fed. reserve 34 al core inflation 10 chairman of fed 11 what fed, finds role is about 2) open market pactions 14) General tems about a market / regarding market Is demand curve 16) comparisson us namal and inferior goods 17/ warm winter - how estols supply demand corve in what way 18 characteristics of sipdy 19 2) fiscal policy ga't la tascation spendinglespandhores) 20 conopol of a ballel hat or suplus 22 continuous budget deficits 23 egy ilibrium 24 hat is not sure are 7 2 what is not goot atlet lopendler
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1. Deals with opportunity cost (how, what and for whom things are produced /consumed)Economics.
2. Entrepreneurial ability.
Refers to a scarce human resource that brings together all other resources with an aim of
producing products, bearing risks, coming up with new innovations and making non-routine
3. 113 same.
Not clear.
4. Concept of capital.
Refers to the idea of linking capital to net assets and to the productive capacity of an entity.
5. Deal with scarcity.
Command system and Market system deals with scarcity by answering five main questions:
What are the goods and services that will be produced? How will goods and services be
produced? Who will receive the goods and services? How will the command system and the
market system accommodate change? How will the command system and the market system
6. Deals with what is macroeconomics, and what relates/covers.
Principles of economics
7. PPC.
A production possibility curve is a curve that displays the combinations of the quantities of two
goods that can be produced with the available technology and resources, whereby the available
resources are efficiently and fully used per unit time.
8. Roles of fed reserve.





Regulates and supervises financial institutions.


Serves as fiscal and banking agent for the Unites States government.


Influences the supply of money and credit.


Supplies payment services to public through deposit institutions likes banks, savings and
loans and credit unions.

9. Core inflation.
This refers to the variation in prices of goods and services. However, it does not include the
prices of goods and services from the energy and the food sectors since their prices are highly
volatile. It is calculated using consumer price index.
10. Chairman of fed.
Jerome Powell
11. What fed funds rate is about.
Federal funds rate is about the interest rate which banks charge o...

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