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write a 4 – 5 page paper (double-spaced) involving a real legal problem you have been involved in or know about. In writing about this legal problem, you will indicate whether the problem was resolved correctly or incorrectly based upon principles you have learned in this course. The more legal principles you apply to your discussion of the legal problem the better.

If the problem is ongoing, then indicate how it should be resolved based upon the legal principles you will discuss.

If you have not been involved in a legal problem, or don’t know about one, then make up a fictional legal problem and write about how your fictional legal problem should be resolved based upon the legal principles you have learned in the course.

Probably it would be a good idea to cite three or four sources for the legal points you will make in your discussion.

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Moral Legal Principles
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Moral Legal Principles
In the field of law, there are many legal problems that attorneys and other stakeholders
within the industry face from time to time. These legal issues tend to undermine the work that is
undertaken by attorneys and tends to reduce the ability by defendants to get the judgement that is
considered to be fair. In some occasions, these legal issues undermine the role of justice thereby
making it difficult for people to obtain justice from the courts of law in the country. The legal
issues are on many occasions ethical in nature. Ethical issues refer to certain issues that relate to
the morals or ethics of individuals within the field of law. Professionals in the field are supposed
to choose between right and wrong when faced by different circumstances. There are many legal
issues in the real world that one can choose from. The one that most interested me and chose for
this essay is conflict of interest.
Conflict of interest in the field of law refers to a situation where a lawyer or other
professional in the law field has the potential to derive benefits from some of the members of the
court case due to the position in which they occupy in their official capacity (Trost, & Gash,
2018). Practicing professionals in law are faced by the ethical issue of conflict of interest on
many occasions. There are three major ways in which conflict of interest may arise in legal
representation of clients in a court case. The first way is conflict of interest that arises between
clients who are being represented by the sam...

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