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Few civilians understand the impact a nuclear detonation in a major city would have on the population. The extent of the disaster and devastation would dwarf prior natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and would leave long-lasting challenges from recovering in the contaminated area—similar to incidents such as those in Fukushima Daiichi or Chernobyl.

A general population training effort, not too unlike the civil defense effort of the Cold War, is needed so that citizens understand the risk of terrorist nuclear detonations in major cities, what devastation can be expected, and basic life- saving actions. The population needs to know and comprehend the plans for sheltering, evacuating, and/or decontaminating so they are willing to comply with the government’s direction during the disaster.

The first step in this direction is educating decision-makers on why such a public training and education plan is needed and suggesting a plan for developing one.

Develop a professional 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator and his or her staff on an action plan to prepare government agencies for recovering from a nuclear detonation. This PowerPoint presentation should include a compelling case for why such a plan is necessary. Describe risks that citizens could encounter if a detonation occurred in a major U.S. city, and identify key elements of a public education and training plan for maintaining established services and the impact of health-related issues from a nuclear attack.

As part of the PowerPoint presentation, you are encouraged to use the note section for the content slides to reinforce your presentation. Ensure that your presentation includes visuals such as images and graphics to supplement your message. Images and graphics along with supporting references and in-text citations must follow APA formatting guidelines and should be free of errors. A title and reference slide should be included, but these do not count toward the total slide requirement.

Refer to this PowerPoint tutorial from the CSU Writing Center for building effective presentations. You can access a written transcript for this Success Center tutorial by clicking on the attachment button on the bottom right of the screen.

Because you will be adding notes to your presentation, it is recommended that you save your PowerPoint with notes pages as a PDF, this will ensure that your notes will be viewable. Use your Internet web browser search engine to locate directions to learn how to do this. Contact your instructor for guidance.

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Nuclear Detonation
Recovery Plan
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• Emergencies can create a variety of hazards to workers in
their respective areas of work.

• The preparation before an incident occurs plays a vital role in
ensuring that everyone remains safe at all times.

• Preparing before helps the individuals to know how to keep
themselves safe and what to do in case an emergency occurs.

• One major catastrophe that could befall the United states is
the nuclear detonation

• This could cause loss of lives and destruction of property

Purpose of this guidance
• This recovery plan is aimed at providing emergency planners
with nuclear specific response and recommendation. This is to
maximize the preservation of life in the case of an urban
nuclear detonation.

• Our target audience are the response units at FEMA who

should also benefit in the understanding of this plan (Baraniuk,

• The recommendations are expected to providing relevant
information on specific topics wit...

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