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For this assignment, collect three personal narratives: one from yourself and one each from two other individuals. Consider selecting two people from different age groups than yours and from each others. If possible, have your three narratives be from people in the following age groups: 18-22, 30-40, and 50+.

  1. The personal narratives are based on the following questions and activities. Have each person, including yourself, write down his or her answers to the following:
    1. Describe two of your earliest childhood experiences in as much detail as you can. Write about each story as though you were telling it to someone.
    2. What age were you when the childhood experiences occurred, to the best of your knowledge?
    3. How or why do you feel that is indeed the right age? (The person might have photographs of the event or their parents confirmed it, for example.)
  2. Evaluate the stories or narratives you have collected. You are being asked to give a critical review here, not simply to post the stories. Remember that a critical review is an analysis.
  3. Based on the readings--and consistent with the dates you have been given--state the most logical reason why people have difficulty recalling experiences from infancy or toddler-hood. Back up your reasoning with an explanation and/or sources from the readings.
  4. Provide a general description of your mini-experiment by indicating the following:
    1. the earliest age your interviewees were during the recalled event and the average age this usually occurs in the general population.
    2. what you believe made the events your interviewees relayed emotionally salient or special (e.g., scary, thrilling, or novel). (You do not need to repeat the stories here, although you may give us the highlights.)
    3. which of these retold memories you believe were accurately recalled and which were not – specify your reasons why you think so (e.g., evidence from photographs, parents confirmation, etc.).

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Cognitive Development across Lifespan; Three Personal Narratives
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Cognitive development refers to the development of thought processes incorporating
recalling, decision-making, problem solving from toddlerhood to adulthood through
adolescences. Though it is very difficult to recall most of the childhood memories, this paper
seeks to present three personal narratives derived from individuals of different ages and critically
analyze them. The narratives are as presented below.
Narrative One: My Own Narrative
In 2005 when I was 5 years as portrayed in the pictures taken and confirmed by my
mother, my parents took me and my older brother to the beach. It was my first time seeing the
ocean and I remember how the waves looked and sounded. I remember the sand burning my feet.
I remember the seagulls swooping down for food. I was scared the first time I walked into the
water. It was cold. I didn’t like how the waves would push me down. My father picked me up
each time I was knocked down. I remember holding his hand as we jumped over the waves.
Every time that I fell, he was right there. Later that day, I remember running across the
boardwalk with my mother. I still remember all the sights and smells. I remember the salty...

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