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The purpose of each Leader in Action assignment is to have students reflect upon a leadership question and to take away valuable lessons that might help them in their own career growth.

Journal Assignment Question #3:

After reading what your classmates have posted for Weeks 7 discussion, what new leadership lesson can you take away that can make you a more effective leader outside of this class and in your professional career? Be sure to identify the classmate who inspired your response! Please see 'Beverly' attachment below as to which student I chose. In this assignment please don't use outside sources, this assignment is of your opinion!!

Review the "Five Paragraph Format" document provided above. Create your response as a Journal Entry (review the instructions, if needed). Please do not attach a file. Your response must be submitted by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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1 Five Paragraph Format Good writing—as noted in the grading rubric—combines the quality of well-written ideas with technical fluency. Good writing should also be clear and concise. The writing assignments in this course were created so that outside sources would not be necessary; it is your ideas and insights I am interested in reading! The five paragraph format will keep your writing focused and easy to follow. Here’s how it works: Paragraph #1: Introduction What is the one main idea you are trying to present? It is always appropriate to begin your writing with one or two lines that outline “where you are going”. If you want to begin the introduction with your main idea right away, that is also acceptable. What is most important about the introductory paragraph is that you stay focused and present one idea to your reader. Paragraph #2 Body Paragraph #3 Body Paragraph #4 Body Paragraphs #2 - #4 each make one additional point that acts as support for the main idea presented in Paragraph #1. Offer relevant details and/or evidence for that one additional point only. When you have finished providing relevant details for that one point, move onto the next supporting paragraph, and provide details for that point only. Paragraph #5 Conclusion The conclusion of your writing provides a review of the main points made and an appropriate “wrap up” to the writing. New information or new ideas are not included in a conclusion. For some of the assignments in this course, you might not feel the need to include five paragraphs. You will always have Paragraph #1 and Paragraph #5, but if you believe you have successfully made your point by providing fewer than three paragraphs of supporting information, make a leadership decision and submit the assignment. 2 Grading Rubric for Formal Writing Assignments Beverly: The answer to this ethical question is not just black or white for me, there is a bit of gray area. I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggled with answering this question. Ironically, I am actually working towards my bachelor degree to become a high school teacher. If I were a high school biology teacher who had assigned all my sophomore classes a term project and then I caught students plagiarizing and cheating... The course of action that I would choose to take would be to give those students zeros. This of course would depend on the degree of plagiarism or “cheating. If there were some papers where a student did not site a source on one or two quotes or sentences, I would deduct points. However, if most of the paper was obviously not the students work, they would receive a zero. The students who plagiarized or cheated did not do the work; therefore, they did not complete the project and did not follow directions. They plagiarized and as a result, they will receive a 0 and will not be able to resubmit the work. When I assigned the project, I set clear standards, discussed rules of plagiarism and informed all my students that anyone who cheated or plagiarized would receive an automatic zero. As a teacher, I would be sure that my students knew they could come to me for clarification and for help with their assignments. I think it is very important to follow through on your word, actions have consequences. I believe it is imperative that children learn this before they become adults. These students are in their second year of high school. This is not the first time they’ve had to write a paper and it is not the first time they’ve heard about plagiarism. They would know that cheating and plagiarism are unethical and wrong by this age. I would use the theory of fairness when making this ethical decision. The fairness theory states when making an ethical decision, the decision should be made fairly and there should be no discrimination or bias. The student’s grades would reflect the effort that they put into their projects. My decision and the grades that the students earned would be based solely on the work that the students did or did not do. ...
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Great leaders do not confine themselves to teaching about work, but they also aspire to provide
more profound wisdom on life. Successful leaders do not wait for formal reviews or check-ins; they seize
and create opportunities to pass on knowledge to others. There is a never-ending pursuit of becoming a
leader. The fundamental reason is to learn about leadership skills, mature and flourish to set oneself apart
from the crowd. To make the future better than the past, leaders should take real moves to lead.
From the description made by Beverly, a leader will not only teach on the work but will also
proffer wisdom about life. Leadership involves letting people learn on embracing failure and facing the
challenge that points one forward to do better. Leadership and growth are grounded in relationships.
Identifying a specific drive to one’s life gives them an inner strength and an innate sense of control. A
particular purpose or drive helps a person to align their actions to the benefit of others and the entire
organization. It is necessary to work with conviction to produce desirable results and taking charge of the
results produced even on the instances when they fail to...

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