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Please watch the above video and discuss the foundations of math in everyday life. Support your statements with specific examples, do not plagiarize. Make sure you cite and reference your work.

1) Consider what available technologies you have available today that exist or the progress life has made because because of math I might state something to the affect....

For example, music, computers, history, architecture, science, social sciences, farming, gaming,pharmaceutical industry and medicine are all founded in math, specifically in microbiology/pharmacology. The progress of testing new antibiotics is dependent on the use of logarithms to calculate the efficacy of drugs during R/D (Bristol-Meyers-Squibb, personal experience, 1990's).

You will earn 5 points for your initial post - 1 paragraph (using 5-10 sentences, clear and concise, proper grammar)

You will earn 5 points for a substantial peer response that adds to the discussion. 1 paragraph (using 5-7 sentences, clear and concise, proper grammar)

A- acknowledge what your peer writes, B- Build on that post by agreeing or disagreeing, C- Contribute to the post by adding to the knowledge, asking questions or adding in personal experience to the  post.

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Discussion: The foundations of math in everyday life.
A firm foundation and understanding of math is necessary in many fields of life. When
doing business math is useful is key in business opportun...

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