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I’m stuck on a Article Writing question and need an explanation.

Hi, Can you revise this paragraph with a professional and nicely way?

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I got an email from a company that I applied for a job. This email is from the CEO of the company so I want to answer in a professional way. I am not sure he wants to talk to me directly or via a phone call. The company is in California and I will be there in the next 2 weeks around May 20. So I want to ask If he want to make a phone call or meet directly. If phone call, what time is good for him. Please revise my reply email. Here is the email of the ceo “I received a copy of your resume and I wanted to ask if there was a time in the next week that you would be available to talk. I am not sure if you have already have arranged for a job, but if not we could discuss if there is something that might be a good fit for you and the company.Please let me know if you are interested and a time that would work for you.” This is my reply. This is an honor to receive your email. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you. I am very appreciate that. I am not sure if you want to talk with me directly or via phone call. If you want to make a call, what time is convenience for you. Otherwise, I will be in California next 2 weeks, I will visit you and say thank you to in person. Thank you so much. ...
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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! If you have a specific day you would like to meet the CEO, I would change the part where I put you would be freely available. Additionally, I would add your phone number where I put (insert number here) as well as your name at the end of the reply so he/she knows who they are talking to and how to contact you.

I got an email from ...

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