Social Media Addiction In The Modern Society English Research Paper

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----I need you to focus on the topic which is (Social media causes addiction ) and write me 7-8 pages research parer on it with the work cites and everything I'm going to write in the requirements because I want to get a very good grade on this research paper please.

This assignment Must satisfactorily complete the requirements outlined in the rubric for credit.

1. Length: 7-8 pages in Proper MLA Formatting.

2. Intended Audience: Fellow students who wish to be better informed on important social issues.


1. Explain&Describe&Summarize an issue in an informed and concrete&specific way.

For this final research paper your task is to research an important social issue of your choice. Your goal is to become a student expert on the issue. Your goal is to become a student expert on the issue. You want to be familiar with possible causes and effects of your issue. Be confident in your understanding of the current state of "the problem."

2. Examine the role (either good or bad) the social media plays or can play in addressing your chosen issue.

once you have a firm grasp of the issue, you can analyze the effect (or potential effects) of social media on this issue. Your task is to see how current social media trends and or technology can impact a specific issue.

important things we have to use in this research paper:

1. In your essay, you have to make sure yo address any possible counterarguments to your interpretation pf the problem and social media's involvement.

2. You need to include at least ONE differing opinion and provide a response&rebuttal that supports your arguments.

3. Make sure you reference a total of at least FOUR credible texts in this research essay.

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The people in modern society have no limit on the amount of time they spend on social media.
When an individual cannot regulate the amount of time used in social media, then it could result
in social media addiction. It has been estimated that approximately 28% of the world's
population is very active in social media (Boyle et al. 2016). The amount of time spent on
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Interest and LinkedIn is quite massive. Many youths might go
to workplaces, but only to find them absorbed into social media and even forget doing their
school assignments. Youths and senior adults spend most of their time on social media sites.
There can be actual reasons why adults spend their time on social media. Some might be looking
for jobs or other fundamental issues. No matter the case, any individual who does not control the
time spent on social media becomes an addict.
There are several ways to determine a student who has become addicted to social media. When a
parent recognizes these signs in a child, then he should get worried and find out what to do next
to help the person divert from the wrong path to the right track. When a person always shares
whatever he does on social media, then this is a clue on social media addiction. Any person who
concentrates on the imaginary world instead of the physical world is already addicted. In a case
whereby, you feel like posting anything you do; what you cook, your vocational pictures, the



different destination is an indication of a student who has a social media addiction and lives in an
imaginary world.
An addicted social media user will always compare oneself to other social network personas. It is
at this time, that what you feel to post becomes a problem. Jealousy develops because an
individual cannot stand the beautiful posts of other internet users. The user begins to criticize
other posts from different individuals. An addicted social network user will find it challenging to
go without a phone even for a day. Think of a time in which you were driving home, and then
you had to stop because of the red light. It is at this period that you feel like grabbing that phone
to see what is new on Facebook or Twitter. It becomes difficult to go to bed without login into
the social media account.
We can say, just as other diseases have symptoms, so does social media addiction. Addiction
might not be a disease, but it might be a condition which severe symptoms which might be fatal
for an individual. These signs include anxiety, inability to sleep, reduced success in school,
loneliness and headache. When children or teenagers get addicted, their performance at school w
reduces and they begin to develop lower self-esteem. Another vital symptom is increased weight
and obesity which comes as a result of idleness and stress (Carbonell et al. 2017).
Social media addiction is not a condition that comes on its own; th...

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