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This paper is about analyzing a family dispute

I wrote a description about my dispute and I need good sources to support the paper also feel free to change some of the language in the description I wrote to match your writing.

And please follow these instructions.

It should be double-spaced, single-sided, 12 point Times Roman font, and 1 inch margins on all sides.

Footnotes with pin cites are expected, in Blue Book format. These should cite to particular pages in particular readings.

Substantively, I am looking for the quality and sophistication of your analysis, not how much of your class notes or outline you can stuff into the paper. This will require you to exercise your judgment, and that is part of what I am looking for.

As noted in class, I recommend that you do a brief introduction of 1 page, two at the most, providing a factual overview of the dispute and then fill in details as you work through your analysis.

Please do not use the IRAC formula. You are upper-level students, and I expect your presentations to reflect your skills and professionalism as a lawyer. This is an essay analysis, not a law school exam. As such, while it is not a course in legal writing, I will notice the little things, like typos, misspellings, footnote format, etc., and they will inevitably have an influence on my final assessment of the paper.

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A few years back my family were involved in a conflict with some of my uncles and aunts regarding how to handle my grandfather's heritage. The conflict started when my grandfather died, and the inheritance was passed to my aunts and uncles. My grandfather owned a chain of jewelry stores and a real estate company operating in several cities back home, and my mother was one of ten heiresses to my grandfather's inheritance. Soon after my grandfather died, the conflict has risen due to differences in perspectives regarding the future of the real estate company and the lack of communication between my uncles and my aunts. I feel the problem start way back when my grandfather was alive he was a strict man with strong work ethics. He comes for, and he had to drop out from high school to work and provide for his family from a young age. That gave him an understanding of the value of money and working hard to reach your goals. Years after he reached his goal and became a wealthy man, but this does not mean he will spoil his children and give them everything they wanted on a silver plate. By doing that he sometimes seems like a stingy man; however, he thought by doing this he is preparing his kids to the real life and understanding the value of money he made them work for it. Unfortunately, he favors some children over the others, and that causes some issues between the children. The uncertainty and tension have divided the family into two groups, on the one hand, the wealthy members of the family wanted to expand and develop the real estate company and renovate the jewelry store brand and hire more employees and open new stores all over the country. The magnitude of such expansion and renovation required much money and a long term investment from all the heiress. The idea of this group was to ensure the financial comfort to the next two generations of the family. They were trying to create a system to invest a large sum of the cash flow from the heritage towards the inner structure of the real estate company and buy new lands. The only problem with the ideas or the new direction of this group is some heires had more shares in the heritage, and that caused huge problems in the family especially with the family members with the fewer shares and the less wealthy On the other hand, the less wealthy members of the family want to keep the cash flow and sell some of the company shares and sell the entire chain of jewelry stores due to the vicious competition and the financial losses the stores had to endure in the last few years. This group wanted to enjoy their new wealthy quickly especially because some of them do not have family's of their own and they are not interested in making a long term investment towards the company. Also, age, disease played a significant role in making the conflict worse the sick, and the older family members wanted their shares of heritage quickly so they can enjoy living their life now. I think one of the main reasons for increasing the conflict was the lack of honesty in the communication between the family members. That played a huge role in making matters worse. The two groups started to conspire against each other both groups considered the other group as an enemy and tried to convince another family members in the opposite group to turn over causing severe problems in the family even with the young generation who never had to intervene in these issues. Threats of taking matters to court have been made. In the end, the conflict has been solved by honest, direct negotiations between the parties and I believe that's one of the most effective ways to solve any disputes. Especially between family, the parties can touch on their softer side and make them sympathy with the injured parties and try to view the conflict from their perspective and finally researching a common ground. Both parties reached an agreement to compromise and sell some of the real estates and buy some of the company shares from the lesser wealthy parties to create some balance and equality. The thing that surprised me the most is how the disputed escalated rapidly and how it affected the entire family even the young generations they were forced to take sides with their families even if they did not agree with the approach that their family is taking towards solving the problem. The conflict left its mark on the whole family and made them drift apart for a while, but I believe all families have to endure some problems and difficulties in understanding each other. However, with time they learn to forgive each other because that's the essence of the family especially if there is an important event like weddings or funerals these events make them think of the important things in life. Because I believe family is everything in life and they should stick together no matter what happened in the past as long as they make amends toward the issues that faced them and lean for their mistakes.
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The inheritance of wealth can plunder a family to feud and conflict whereby some
members protest on what they have been given in comparison what another member has been
given. This a sensitive issue that has been trending for the last few years where families are
embroiled in court cases concerning the distribution of wealth left by a family member¹.
Tragedies can occur at any given time in one’s life hence the lack of a proper drafted will on how
wealth can be shared among family members contributes to disputes as every member would like
to control or own what the deceased has and it affects both the rich and the poor globally
according to (Sandra L. Titus 1979). The impact of inheritance for many years had been
neglected in the society and family studies whereby its major impacts on some families result to
costly consequences that may affect the current generation and future ones too, therefore wealth
inheritance should not be perceived as a matter of intergenerational transmission but also a
facilitator of family feud.
Conflicts in families may arise whether there is a legal will or not that was drafted by the
deceased in regard to the division of wealth among the family members. ₂The inherited wealth
can be practically dividable or not and the beneficiaries of these wealth have different
perceptions of what they should get and what other should get. Disputes arise when the division
of valuables are shared equally among the members because of their definition and insight of the
term equality or fairness (Elinder 2019). Fairness in this matter can refer to several opinions from
the members ranging from wealth being divided equally to various factors like who has the right
to own a certain wealth thus deservingness. Therefore, fairness in conjunction with the
distribution of wealth and resources differ among many individuals. Communication among
¹Sandra L. Titus, Paul C. Rosenblatt and Roxanne M. Anderson, Family Conflict over Inheritance of
Property, Vol. 28, No. 3, TFC, pp. 337-346 (Jul., 1979).
₂Elinder, M., Erixson, O., Waldenström, D., Inheritance and Wealth Inequality:Evidence from Population
Registers, Vol. 1, JPE, pp. 17-30 (2019)

family members should be frequent so as to ensure that when such occasions of wealth
distribution occurs, all the family members will accept what they have been given according to
the deceased’s perception of his or her wealth among the beneficiaries.
A common scenario of conflicts due to inheritance occurred in my family a few years ago
after the death of my grandfather. The inclusion of all my aunts and uncles in my grandfather’s
bequest resulted to family feuds in regard to the wealth he had amassed through his chain of
jewelry stores and a real estate company that operated in several cities back at home. My
grandfather had ten children and my mother was one of the beneficiary to the inheritance.
Disputes emerged in regard to the future direction of the real estate company due to the different
opinions that each beneficiary had in regard to the distribution of the inheritance. Lack of
communication among the family members fueled the process of a systematic understanding and
division of the wealth (Piketty 2011). Unfortunately lack of communication among the parent(s)
and their children can lead to broken relationships among children, therefore constant
communication with the beneficiaries will develop or nurture a sense to which your purpose and
hopes regarding the future direction of the family’s wealth will be clearly understood by
everyone and more so, the future of the next generation will be secured.
In my family, my grandfather believed in working hard and strong work ethics that
plummeted him to achieving the many wealth he amassed despite dropping out of school so as to
fend for his family. He believed that what he had achieved should not blind or stop his children
from not working hard therefore made them work hard in the perspective of preparing them to
counter real life issues. This made him a penny-pinched man by not giving his children
everything they requested but he was biased while distributing resources among the children
¹Sandra L. Titus, Paul C. Rosenblatt and Roxanne M. Anderson, Family Conflict over Inheritance of
Property, Vol. 28, No. 3, TFC, pp. 337-346 (Jul., 1979).
₂Elinder, M., Erixson, O., Waldenström, D., Inheritance and Wealth Inequality:Evidence from Population
Registers, Vol. 1, JPE, pp. 17-30 (2019)

hence creating or preparing the basis of family conflict which arose among the children.
Favoritism from a parent among children is a sensitive matter that is usually seen as a cause for
family disputes during the division of bequest.
Bequest tussles creates divisions among the beneficiaries and it also goes further in
affecting the next generation in line. My family was divided into two groups, the haves and the
have-nots, the haves being wealthy wanted my grandfather’s real estate company to be expanded
while on the other hand renovating the jewelry store, the brand and hire more workers. They also
alleged on the opening of new stores all over the country and these projects required more funds
and a long term source of investment from all the beneficiaries but they had different
perspectives in regard to the distribution of the wealth. The wealthy group wanted to consider
this process as it will serve future generations of the family but conflict emerged due to different
heiresses having more bequest than others thus creating indifferences among them with heiresses
with less wealth. The lack of my grandfather addressing his children in regard to the allocation of
the wealth was the substantial cause of the division of the family. This issues has often been
overlooked because the transparency of resource and personal property is critical in mitigating
and solving family feuds and prevent issues like court contests by the beneficiaries.
The two categories in my family differed in their opinions about the wealth they had as
the less wealthy members wanted to keep the cash flow and sell some of the shares in the
company. They also perceived to sell the entire chain of jewelry stores due to the stiff
competitions in the market as well as the rise of financial losses endured by the store over the
years. Their purpose to sell the wealth and shares was driven by factors such as age and disease
as some members wanted to delight in their wealth hence conflict of interests among the
¹Sandra L. Titus, Paul C. Rosenblatt and Roxanne M. Anderson, Family Conflict over Inheritance of
Property, Vol. 28, No. 3, TFC, pp. 337-346 (Jul., 1979).
₂Elinder, M., Erixson, O., Waldenström, D., Inheritance and Wealth Inequality:Evidence from Population
Registers, Vol. 1, JPE, pp. 17-30 (2019)

members became the major issue of their fallout. The family members had various priorities with
the presentation of their wealth and for others, the thought about the long term future of the
family’s real estate company and the chain of jewelry stores and its contribution to the future
lives of the next generation while others were seeing the presentation of wealth was a chance for
them to live a life that they had not earlier in their lives. Careful planning should therefore be
devised in order to keep all the beneficiaries in sight of the future direction of the company and
also the potential profits.
The virtue of honesty among family members is a very important aspect used to ...

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