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CIS 112 – COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 1 Jacqueline A. Emslie, MS, Instructor ASSIGNMENT 5 – HEADCOUNT This is part of your Assignments Grade. This program will produce a headcount list using input records and produce an output file. You may select which environment you wish to develop your program in. Submit what you have completed in the Assignment 5 drop box by the due date. If developing in the IDE, zip the folder and include the HeadcountReport.txt. If developing in Notepad, put the xxx.cs and HeadcountReport.txt in the drop box. INPUT The input file is InputAsgn5.txt and is found in the Assignment 5 folder. The record layout is as follows: FIELD NAME Territory Area Department LENGTH 2 2 2 TYPE OF DATA string string string PROCESSING Read through each record. When there is a change in the territory and/or area and/or department, make the appropriate subtotals. See sample output below. OUTPUT Name the output text file HeadcountReport.txt. Terr - 01 Area - 01 Department Number of Employees 01 1 05 15 06 3 Area - 02 Department Number of Employees 06 7 Terr - 02 Area - 01 Department Number of Employees 06 1
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