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INSTRUCTIONS: You are going to draft the design of a research project. You will not actually conduct the study – you will not be required (and are, actually, not allowed) to do any data collection; you will only be required to write out a research design. In the paper, you need to describe: (1) A specific and welldefined research question (you are free to choose any particular topic); (2) Why this question is relevant for the field of criminology, which requires a brief literature review; (3) Whether your project requires a quantitative or qualitative research design and why; (4) What research instrument you propose to use and why; (5) What type of sampling you would have to use and why; (6), Depending on whether you suggest to use field observation, quantitative survey, qualitative interviews, document analysis, or secondary data analysis, at least 5 questions to guide the data collection (i.e. respectively questions to be included in the field journal, survey questions, interview questions, questions for content analysis, or questions for secondary data analysis); and (7) What difficulties you anticipate should you actually conduct the research (which you will not, so this only concerns prediction of difficulties). o The answers to these different questions have to be at least supported by the textbook, and the brief literature review should include at least 3 scientific references. o OBJECTIVE: This paper allows you to demonstrate that you understand and are able to explain research methodology, as applied to a research question of your choice. o FORMAT: ▪ All written assignments are to have a cover sheet identifying your name and Student ID, title, word count, name of the course, day and time of the class, instructor’s name, and due date of the assignment. ▪ In the paper, include an introduction (what is it you are addressing in the paper), the research design (in response to the 7 questions enlisted above) and a conclusion (this is not a summary of your paper but a critical reflection on your research design). ▪ Enter the references in a reference list at the end of your paper. Include only the references that you have incorporated in the text – do not include any sources that you have read but not used in your paper. ▪ Please note that the cover sheet and reference list do NOT count towards the word limit. o USE OF REFERENCES: You must make use of the textbook and include at least 3 scientific references in the literature review supporting the relevance of your research question. ▪ Newspaper articles, news site entries or websites (governmental or other) are not academic references. ▪ Do not use Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica or other similar encyclopedia-type websites. ▪ Students must use in-text citations and provide a reference list using APA style formatting. For more information about APA style referencing, please go to: o WORD COUNT: The paper should have a word count of 1000 words, with a CRIM170 Spring 2019 8 of 18 100-word margin either way. ▪ The cover sheet (including your name and student ID, word count, name of the course, day and time of the class, instructor’s name, due date of the assignment) and reference list do not count towards the word count! ▪ Please note that you will be penalized for not respecting the word count. ▪ For a paper that is LESS than 900 words, the highest score you can get is a D! ▪ For a paper that exceeds the word limit of 1100 words, the highest score you can get is a B! (This limit forces you to be precise, concise and to the point – there is no room for fluff and waffling.)

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Over the years, the number of people of men involved in suicide cases has increased. The
rate of depression in the developing nations has also increased drastically with the main question
being what is causing the many suicide depression related matters.
Literature review
Depression is one of the mental health issues that have attracted a lot of interest.
Previously, depression was only experienced in developed nations. However, in the 21st century,
the rates of depression in developing countries have increased drastically. This has been followed
by any suicide cases among men and women (Twenge, et al, 2018). Depression has said to
increase the rates of suicide, especially in men. This is because, in developing nations, many are
portrayed as hardcore who are not allowed to openly share their emotions. The belief has
contributed to the many depression cases. Although the relationship between mental disorders
and antisocial conducts has attracted much scholarly attention, the issue has not yet been
resolved. A major depressive disorder is a common and severe psychological condition that
hurts one’s feeling, thinking, and actions through the induction of feelings or sadness or loss of
interest in social activities (Garlow,et, al, 2008). Some of the characteristics of depression
include lack of concentration loss of concentrat...

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