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Revise/edit the two document which will be uploaded for you for editing. it has two A,B in the first document and the second document contains 4 a.b(sources). Requirement is for each source write two paragraphs. first paragraph will be based on your understanding of the article and in your own words and the second paragraph will be on using the CRAAP method to access it and how the article will be relevant to your essay. Total pages of the two diff will be 6 pages

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Njoku 1

NAME: Nneka Njoku
INSTRUCTOR: Prof Williamson
CLASS: English 102
DATE: 02/21/19
"Awareness Campaign (Print Advertisement) - Illegal Immigrants In America." Illegal
Immigrants In America, Accessed 11 May 2019.
From this awareness campaign poster, the key message appears to be “STOP BEING
DISRESPECTFUL.” President Donald Trump’s administration has without a doubt been unfair
in how they have treated immigrants who came to America illegally as children. Being arguably
the most powerful and prosperous country in the world, America has a responsibility towards
immigrants who come to America to escape wars or also in search of a better life. The poster not
only aims to create awareness on the issue of immigration but also asks the government to not
punish them for being dreamers.

There is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture conveys its
essence just as effectively as a description. It appeals to our human emotions of sadness and
empathy by showing how immigrants are being repatriated to their countries of origin. In most
cases, these immigrants are being separated from their families and a place they had come to
know as home. This picture will be handy in my research on immigration as it shows there is a
need for the government to take a different approach to how it is dealing with immigrants. By the

Njoku 2

look on their faces, it is clear that the young immigrants are depressed and something needs to be
done quickly to change this.

Thompson, Derek. "How Immigration Became So Controversial." The Atlantic, 2018,

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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