ENGL124 Grossmont Naomi Alderman's The Power Analysis


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Novel Analysis Essay: Naomi Alderman’s The Power

First draft due (hard copy): in conference

Second draft due (hard copy): May 15th, in class for peer review

Final draft due (upload): May 20, 6 a.m.


The theme of a literary work is its underlying central topic, or the generalization it communicates about life. Choosing one of the themes of the novel and track it through the story. What revelation about the behavior of human beings or the conduct of society, or insight into the human condition is the author attempting to convey throughout the novel? At times, the author’s thematic argument may not confirm or agree with your own beliefs, but even then, if it is skillfully written, the work will still provoke emotional responses and generate thought.

Write a well-organized essay that identifies the theme and argument you believe the author conveys through the novel. How does the author use characters, events and literary devices to illustrate the theme? Use evidence from the text to support your analysis. Demonstrate the accuracy of your observations with specific citation.

Guiding Questions

  1. What important theme does this literary work contain? What does it argue on this topic?
  2. What do characters do that helps illustrate this idea?
  3. What do characters say that helps to illustrate this idea?
  4. What events take place in the work that help to illustrate this idea?
  5. Are there any recurrent images or clusters of images? Do these images support the idea or theme that you find in the work?
  6. How do other rhetorical moves—such as symbolism, narrative structure, foreshadowing, time jumps, visual elements, and framing device—contribute to this reading?

Writing your Essay

  1. Determine the theme.
  2. Form a thesis statement.
  3. Use the outline below to organize your thinking and your writing.
  4. Use a minimum of two (2) direct quotes from the text to support the main idea of each body paragraph in your essay.Don’t rely on the quotes to explain themselves.Lead your reader into the quote, comment on the quote, and show how the quote supports your main idea.

If you are having a hard time getting started, some possible themes include: power (there are a lot of ways to unpack that theme); historical evidence and its interpretation; human adaptability; causes of conflict; gender politics; political upheaval; cult formation; the role of religion and beliefs, etc.


  • Introduction
    • Introduce the book.Include the title (in italics) and the author.
  • Use one or two sentences to introduce the subject of the book
  • State the argument on this theme that you conclude from the book (thesis part one)
  • Describe how the author expresses the argument on this theme, i.e. by using characterization, symbolism, setting or conflicts, etc. (thesis part two; leads in to your body paragraphs)
  • Body
  • Write individual paragraphs to explain how the author expresses the ideas attached to the theme you have selected. Include the following information:
  • Spelling
  • Complete sentences
  • Punctuation (direct quotes from the text should be in quotation marks with the page number in parentheses afterwards).Ex:When Maggie wanted to leave the party she stated, “I’m not feeling well, I think we should go” (p. 63). This illustrates Maggie’s ...
  • Essay should be typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font and double spaced.MLA format review is included in the readings.
  • What literary devices does Alderman use to illustrate the theme?
  • How is this device deployed? Is it consistent?
  • What does the use of the device contribute to the overall meaning?
  • Unpack a specific example (or more) which demonstrates the rhetorical development you observe.
  • Conclusion
    • Restate your theme and argument
    • What did you think of the argument offered? How has it affected you? (Has it confirmed or changed your opinions or thoughts?)

After you complete your final essay, you need to CAREFULLY proofread it, or have someone else proofread it.

Re-read your essay to look for:


Final Answer

please find the attached files. i look forward to working with you again. good bye

Surname 1
Novel Analysis Essay: Naomi Alderman’s The Power
The title of the novel is The Power and is authored by Naomi Alderman. The author of
the novel reflects on the fiction of science on what women would do if they are given power over
everyone and everything. The book describes in depth the good and the evil things women
would do if given power and it is well demonstrated by the characters. The theme of power in
the novel has been focused on much by the author. By using characterization, the author has
expressed the argument on the theme of power well. There are however, so many aspects in the
novel whereby the theme of power has been demonstrated by the characters
“After killing her husband, she takes over the role of president and reconstitutes Moldova
as a matriarchal …” This quotes refers to Tatiana after killing her husband.
The first interesting character in the novel is Tatiana Moskalev who kills her husband
and takes over as the president of Moldova. When Awadi-Ati attempts to take over from her
through overthrowing the government, they join hands together with Allie, Margot and Roxy in
order to see him leave. They did not want a male figure in power. Later, Allie kills her friend
Tatiani with the ill intention of taking over from her as the president of Moldova. Allie’s selfish
intention to maintain women’s control of the world, she incites a global war which ended the
world and started the world and this time round, women were in full control of it. The author has
used characterization to express her argument on the theme of power. Tiani and Allie
demonstrated the theme of power among the women who have been irked by the man control


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