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4.  Determine the molecular weight for the following compounds.


a.       O2 - oxygen



b.       CO – carbon monoxide



c.        NH3 - ammonia



d.       C2H4 - ethylene



e.        C5H2 – pentane



f.        C2H2 – acetylene



g.        C3H80 – isopropyl alcohol



h.       H2SO4 – sulfuric acid


i.         NaOH – sodium hydroxide

Nov 21st, 2015

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To determine the molecular weight we should know the atomic mass of each element

Atomic mass

Now using the above atomic mass we can calculate the molecular weight of the above compound as

CompoundMolecular mass
O22*atomicmass of O=2*15.99=31.9988
COAtomic mass of C+O=12.01+15.99=28.01
NH3Atomic mass of N+3*atomic mass of H=14.0067+3*1.007=17.03
C2H42*atomic mass of C+4*atomic mass of H=2*12.01+4*1.007=28.0532
C2H22*atomic mass ofC+2*atomic mass of H=2*12.01+2*1.007=26.0373
C3H8O3*atomic mass of C+8*atomic mass of H+atomic mass of O=3*12.01+8*1.007+15.99=60.095
H2SO42*atomic mass of H+atomic mass of S+4*atomic mass of O=2*1.007+32.065+4*15.99=98.0785
NaOHatomic mass+Na+atomic mass of O+atomic mass of H=22.9897+15.99+1.007=39.997

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Nov 21st, 2015

Nov 21st, 2015

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Nov 21st, 2015
Nov 21st, 2015
Oct 20th, 2017
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