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ETHN 201W: Perspectives on African Americans

Note: All topics should be related to African American Experiences

Paper Topics: Suggestions

  1. Slavery by another name: peonage, convict leasing, sharecropping, vagrancy statutes (laws made by a state legislative body), 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.
  2. Redlining--Housing
  3. Black Lives Matter—Protest Movement
  4. What are the implications of racial microaggressions?
  5. Affirmative Action vs. racial gerrymandering
  6. Reparations—Slavery—“40 acres and a mule (land)” compensation
  7. Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X
  8. Black/White Wealth--economic inequality
  9. Education--Social Inequality, i.e., Historically Black Colleges/Universities vs. White Colleges/Universities (Morehouse College vs. Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
  10. Sports--opportunity costs--play for NFL or go to College
  11. Inequality in Health Care
  12. Racial Profiling-- “Driving While Black”
  13. Welfare System--TANF
  14. Inequality in the Criminal Justice System--Segregation of prison inmates by race
  15. Tuskegee Airmen
  16. Implications of Hurricane Katrina: A case study of New Orleans, Louisiana
  17. Suppression & Disenfranchisement of the Black Vote--15th Amendment & 1965 Voting Rights Act--political inequality
  18. Environmental Racism--African American Communities—eminent domain impact
  19. U.S. Military--African American Experiences, for example, General Colin Powell, etc.
  20. Religious leaders, for example, Bishop Thomas D. Jakes
  21. Challenges of African American women leaders in the 21st century
  22. Gains during the Reconstruction Period, i.e., ratification of 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  23. Challenges of ex-felons (ex-offenders), i.e., reentry (reintegration) transition plan into mainstream society, for example,
  • Disenfranchisement, i.e., not allowed to vote
  • Expungement, i.e., sealing or destruction of individual criminal records kept by government agencies—social stigma
  • De jure (sanctioned by law) and de facto (socioeconomic status) employment discrimination, for example, “Ban the box,” i.e., a question on an employment application form: “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” Yes answer eliminates applicant from the pool,
  • Restoration of voting rights, employment, etc.—clemency granted to ex-felons by some governors, for example, Florida

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Healthcare Inequalities

Healthcare Inequalities
Healthcare inequality is a situation whereby one group is favored in terms of healthcare services.
The healthcare services in America are determined by the level of the economy. The higher the
economy the person is having in America the higher the better healthcare services. Health is one
of the most important factors in the country. The reason for the high rate of inequalities in
America is because the health care system depends on private insurance. Besides the report
showing the cases on health inequalities increasing the United States have now considered the
healthcare services even to the black American. Without health, in the country, it’s difficult for a
country to develop. The health inequalities in the United States can be described on economic,
political and social factors. In economic only those with high income receive better healthcare.
The following is how healthcare inequalities are being practiced in the United States.
Firstly, African Americans are discriminated according to their economic. The African
Americans are the one who does risky jobs in farms and in the companies. These jobs expose
them to risk which affect their health. The African Americans are forced to work on Chemicals
Company which have harmful chemical to health. Some of African America does not have a
protector to protect their body. These chemicals enter into their body and result in diseases such
as cancer and respiratory disease. Due to low wages, they cannot be able to receive better health
services. Only white Americans are being given better healthcare due to their high economic
status. The higher the income the better the health care services. Besides the government
supporting the American healthcare system it should also consider the African American for

better healthcare. The government should ensure every citizen are equal in term of having
healthcare services.
The government should consider both those that are economically stable and those who cannot
be able to afford healthcare services. The healthcare inequalities in America have increase...

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