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Hello StudyPool I have attached my classmates analysis for you to get the idea and do me something similar but not the same also, I would like you to see the requirments below

6) Students will demonstrate an ability to function effectively on a team whose members together provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, establish goals, plan tasks, and meet objectives
a.) Jointly establish a timeline for completing tasks and make appropriate individual contributions to meeting deadlines
b.) Take responsibility for the success of the team in meeting objectives
c.) Work effectively with diverse team members and appropriately handle differences in perspective and approach to team tasks

Scientific Method
6) Students will exhibit an ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions
a.) Identify and measure relevant quantities using appropriate hardware and software tools
b.) Compare experimental results to appropriate theoretical predictions and draw well-founded conclusions
c.) Present raw data and results of analysis with appropriate units and numerical precision and estimate experimental uncertainty

Each student should respond using their own analysis in a 1-1.5 page typed response using specific examples as much as possible. Each student response should be placed in an appendix section at the end of your final proposal report.

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1 Appendix A: Olivia BE 499-01 10 May 2019 Overall, I felt that our group successfully worked as a team. We ran into very few complications with meeting times; however we made it a priority to meet as a group every Wednesday during what would be our class time, and in this way we had very effective, very regular meetings as a team. I was happy to step up as the team leader for our senior design project because it was important to me that the work was delegated among the group evenly, everyone’s strengths and weaknesses were addressed, and to ensure overall success of the project. I think our particular section of senior design does a good job of ensuring diversity among the groups and I enjoyed working with classmates that I hadn’t work in a group with in the past. I think it was important to work with people who weren’t necessarily my closest friends because it allowed me to strengthen my skills as a team worker and prepared me for scenarios I will come across in the professional field. I felt that senior design gave me a good opportunity to take an initial idea and bring it to fruition. I liked the fact that the project was “ours” from the very beginning and we could do with it what we went. This goes for experimental testing as well, being able to write up our own experimental design made me confident in my ability to perform testing in a job environment. I feel one of the biggest outcomes of this project was learning how to test, what to test and how to read the results. Starting with assembling hardware, knowing what these pieces do and then translating their functions into software and reading data from here really strengthened my ability in data results. Overall my ability to perform an experimental setup from beginning to end was tested throughout this project, and I believe our team made great success over the year. 2 Appendix B: Anh-Kho I have learned a lot during this senior design experience. From the beginning of project choice to presenting our experimental design, I have learned, alongside my group members, the extensive and stressful process of engineering and experimental design. To organize our work efficiently, we were required to draw up gantt charts that dated every part, task and objectives as to schedule strictly what we needed to accomplish by the end of the semester. We ran into complications along the way; we did not manage to make two IMU sensors to work. The nature of IMUs were complicated to understand; having to work with two simultaneously connected proved to be even more difficult, especially when the IMUs did not literally work. We ended up having to order more supplies as the year went on and in turn complicated our gantt chart. We had to constantly evolve our game plan and improvise our design to meet our criteria, where we ended up focusing on the flex sensor and Arduino MKRZero to act as the meat of our design. We knew what our strengths and weaknesses were and we worked accordingly. We were able to successfully organize, plan our steps and take things in stride even when things did not occur as we planned. Ultimately, it was our camaraderie that allowed for effective communication between group members that led to our project success. None of us were expunged from group contribution, and more importantly we were all accountable for every failure that we could have had, and that made us closer as a team. Our coursework throughout our undergraduate career promptly prepared us for then entire project. We had to develop the device fully and an in turn conduct experiments on it to tests its usability. We were able to utilize the proper Arduino code with our new data-logger that was compatible with the software and run our experiments. Having supplemental information 3 with Dr. Wilson’s senior lab meetings allowed us to fully understand how to conduct the scientific method properly and keeping an organized notebook of notes to track our progress and meetings (crucial for taking note on the Arduino MKRZero and flex sensor for purchase). Overall, we as a group understood the stakes for our senior design day presentation and were able to conduct present proper data and conclusions. ...
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Experimental Design Analysis
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Experimental Design Analysis
During any experiment, encountering challenges in the process is something healthy.
However, through the various skills that are acquired in the course, there are multiple ways of
tackling these challenges. This analysis exhibits our ability t...

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