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I need help with the entire course. The course is for 7 weeks. It has an assignments each week. The assignments must be submitted before the due date because the assignments that submitted after the due date are not accepted.

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Paper 2
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May 22, 2019


Part One ‘
This week the text talks about the final destiny of the Gods according to Gaiman and
McCoy. Gaiman says that the now that he has told us what happened, he will draw our attention
to the things that are going to happen meaning how the end will come to be. He goes further to
state that this event cannot be prevented and even though it will happen when the other gods are
sleeping but one of the gods Heimdall will witness all of this happening. This will be a battle
field that will see people who are close to each other rising against one another because the
resources that brought about their comfort will be very scarce. This means to me that even
though gods are there to guide us there will come a time that they will no longer there and we

have to choose our own path and come up with values that will guide us through life. According
to McCoy fate occupied roughly the same position as the same position in the Norse worldview
as the modern law of science does. This author believed that all things even the gods themselves
are bound to fate. This provides an unseen guiding principle that has gone ahead to determine
how the events would and the explanations that would unfold and explain the happenings after
they had occurred. McCoy in his text states that fate is inexorable. According to me this means
that Ragnarök signifies the beginning of the doom. The twilight of the Gods refers to the end of
an era. Our responsibility as human beings to other people is to ensure that we hold on strongly
to our believes and we should not be shaken by the events that will take place during this period
but instead when faced by the inevitable events that will take place in future, our only way
forward is to remain united and face the challenges that we meet as a united front as this will go
a long in ensuring that we come out victorious when faced with the a aforementioned adversities.
In my opinion, we...

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