Need science help to calculate the frequencies of H and H alleles

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HH = 25 Hh = 150 hh = 225

Calculate the frequencies of the H and h alleles. If these minnows were allowed to randomly mate and produced a population of 2000 individuals, how many minnows of each genotype do you expect to find in the offspring (assuming equal survivorship)? 

Nov 24th, 2015

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We have

Genotype frquency:-

HH ,p^2=25/(25+150+225)=25/400 =.0625

hh ,q^2=225/(25+150+225)=.5625

Hh,2pq =150/(25+225+150)=.375

Now,frequecny of H=p^2+1/2*2pq =.0625+.375/2 =.25

frequency of h=q^2+1/2*2pq =.5625+.375/2 =.75

Expected genotype frequency:

HH=.25^2 =.0625

hh=.75^2 =.5625


Expected number of individual of each genotype

HH:.0625*2000 =125

Hh=.375*2000 =750


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Nov 24th, 2015

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Nov 24th, 2015
Nov 24th, 2015
Oct 20th, 2017
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