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Impact of Data Discovery Process on Organization Performance Information Technology Management (Spring 2019) Group project 01/05/2019 Dr. Mounir Elkhatib Manal AlMehrzi – 200101218 Maitha AlQmazi – 200110247 Latifa AlAmeeri – 200014655 Introduction Data discovery is an important part of Business Intelligence methods where organizations can collect data from different records and databases to have information based on their business scope like marketing. These data helps the top management to make evidence based decisions and that bring more effective and efficient outcomes that reflect on their business. Moreover, there are different systems that gather the data, find patterns and info about particular items, from application or internets and deliver analysed information or indication depending on the business sector or need. The research aim is to emphasis on the different data discovery tools applied in organizations and its effect and importance on the performance level in term of services, processes and daily activities. Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) is a government entity that includes over 10,000 employees and its vision “An effective and sustainable Healthcare System for a happy society” (MOHAP, 2019). MOHAP scope is to provide healthcare services to individuals, corporates, other government entities and society based on high quality and International standards, to ensure sustainable, integrated and innovative services. The initiatives taken in this research focus on MOHAP core values: Patient Priority, Excellence & leadership, Initiative and productivity, Accountability, Respect, Innovation, Teamwork, Community happiness. Our research narrows to focus on Al Dhaid Hospital which we choose to interview three departments: IT, Customer Happiness and Quality & Excellence Departments. Questions asked on how Data Discovery process and tools can affect the performance level of their departments. And, how data discovery can widen and maintain the excellence level in the organization. Methodology For Al Dhaid Hospital four interviews conducted with: − Head of IT department − Head of Human resource department − Head Customer Happiness Department − Head of Quality & Excellence Department Findings Al Dhaid Hospital: First, Head of IT department stated that there is specific method and tools applied that is near to data discovery concept in particular department or for precise task. For example, in IT department they had a quality improvement project in: Improving electronic communication among hospital employees. The problem were that most staff don’t open, read or reply to their e-mails and that cause poor response to circulars, Update on policies and Meeting requests or requirements and tasks that asked through emails whether from Ministry or other departments. Furthermore, that will lead to loss of information and Delayed in delivering urgent messages. This project selected because missing vital messages could be critical in health care settings because it might have an impact on the clinical decision of patient medical record when messages received on time. The IT department decided to assess the effectiveness of electronic communication among the hospital staff on monthly basis by sending a test email that required a reply from all staff or a read receipt. And, only 28% of staff responded to the email which indicates that the electronic communication among the hospital employees need to be enhanced. Therefore, workshops and awareness session delivered to all staff from admin and physicians to emphasis on the importance of communication and improve their skills in this field. Besides, each staff who does not read their emails is notified by their direct manger through the IT monthly report to avoid future miscommunication issues. Also, they provide immediate technical support to the staff that is identified as “did not reply”. This project enhanced the percentage of communication within the hospital to reach 89% at the end of 2018. Second interview with Head of Human Resource department, and they monitor employee attendance through Time Attendance Management System (TAMS) and its linked to punching machine, where at the end of each month the Monthly Schedule automatically sent to employees mails and their supervisors to manage any absence or lateness . This process helps in updating the employee states in the system and solves the pending issues regularly to have smooth and clear process, which helps in avoiding accumulated pending issues in the system and cause late procedures in case of end of service or resignations. The third interview was with the Head of Customer Happiness Department, where they use msurvey application to assess the satisfaction and happiness of their employees by sending emails, and patient by using the tablets. In one case, they had low happiness rate in the outpatient clinic with complains regarding the long waiting hours. As a result, they starts the action plan by accepting only the patients registered with appointments only and any patient that comes walk in, the head of section asses the case and decide whether to refer to emergency or to give appointment for non-urgent cases. Another initiative taken by putting small library and install TV to attract the patients to interesting subjects and makes the time goes on. This helped to reduce the waiting time for patients in the clinic from average 3 hours to 45mins- 55mins. Our forth interview with head of quality & excellence which notified that their role is to assure the smooth processes in the hospital and sustain high performance level by: − Conducting regular meetings and communicating with departments to address any issues or challenges and find the best solution, through applying different quality tools like fishbone, brainstorming sessions, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and quality improvement project (QIP). − Ensure all processes and services delivered based on high quality and standards and follow-up with the hospital departments to continue collect the data required by using different methods to monitor their level of performance. Reference: Ministry of Health & Prevention. (2019, March 21). MOHAP Strategy . Retrieved April 30, 2019, from mohap website: Information Technology Management (Spring 2019) Research Proposal on: Impact of Data Discovery Process on Organization Performance Dr. Mounir Elkhatib Manal AlMehrzi – 200101218 Maitha AlQmazi – 200110247 Latifa AlAmeeri – 200014655 Introduction “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” (Tim, n.d.). Data discovery is a term used to describe the process for collecting data from various sources by detecting patterns and outliers with the help of guided advanced analytics and visual navigation of data, thus enabling consolidation of all business information. The main purpose of this proposal is to Identify the impact of data discovery process on the organization performance. Literature Business now a days have excelled and are improving in terms of enhancing its business models, increasing sales, and gaining competitive advantage. Organizations that uses business intelligence are the ones that mostly excel and enhance rapidly (Cole, Wellens and Scott, 1997). When it comes to business intelligence, data discovery is a very important aspect of it. Data discovery is a process that includes gathering data from various databases and compress it to be in a centralized source that can be easily reached, analyzed, and evaluated (Agrawal, Stolorz and Piatetsky-Shapiro, 1998). In addition, it allows you to explore all kinds of data available and view them according to region, products, employees, etc. In other words, it gives the business the opportunity to discover unknown opportunities for the business to grow (Software, 2019). Using such approach can help the business in improving the process of decision making, assists in organizational growth, boosts the experience of the customers, and enables the organization to enhance its business by using innovation (Fred, 2011). Organizing data and centralizing them enables the business to select organizational path in order to ease the process of reaching organizational goals. Within the same scope, it gives the business the opportunity to enhance its relationship with the stakeholders, including the customers, partners, and suppliers (Wang, 2012). More- over, it helps in maintaining the status of the organization in terms of its performance and excellence (Meers and Samson, 2003). Research Methodology Research methodology approach is to distribute research questions to 30 different employees and managers in different departments and fields. Moreover, the questionnaires preferred to be by online survey and by visit to the managers’ offices. The research questions and answers will be analysed to find the gap, reasons, differences and outcomes. Also, the analysis will help to find out the factors which going to help my study research outcomes with solutions to cover and solve the weak areas and continue the improvement process in different management and individual levels within the organization, with importance and consideration of data discovery process. In addition, information from journals and books for the literature to strengthen the research view. Research Questions 1. How can the data discovery process impact on the organization performance? 2. How organizations can enhance and widen the usage data discovery aspects? 3. What is the influence of data analysis tools on the of data discovery within the organization? 4. How to maintain organizational excellence in terms of data discovery process? Research Objectives 1. Identify the impact of data discovery process on the organization performance. 2. Explore the approaches to deliver effective data discovery process 3. Identify the influence of data analysis tools on the of data discovery within the organization. 4. Discover the methods of data discovery to ensure organization management success & excellence. Research Hypothesis 1. Organization can reach high performance level through effective Data Discovery process. 2. Enhancing the usage of data discovery methods have positive effect on the organization outcomes. 3. Data Analysis tools results in effective data discovery approach & improved decision making process 4. Effective data discovery process will lead organization to success & excellence Conclusion In conclusion, data discovery will help expand the use of big data analytics because exploration of big data sources will occur more often, much faster and at a lower cost per analysis, delivered by a broader range of users with more rudimentary technical skills. This proposal aims to expand the research of data discovery and its implications, impacts, and limitations on organizations and their performances. References 1. Agrawal, R., Stolorz, P. and Piatetsky-Shapiro, G. (1998). Proceedings of the Fourth Inter- national Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Menlo Park, Calif.: AAAI Press. 2. Cole, R., Wellens, T. and Scott, W. (1997). Improving theory and research on quality en- hancement in organizations. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. 3. Fred, A. (2011). Knowledge discovery, knowledge engineering and knowledge manage- ment. Berlin: Springer. 4. Meers, A. and Samson, D. (2003). Business excellence initiatives: dependencies along the implementation path. Measuring Business Excellence, 7(2), pp.66-77. 5. Software, P. (2019). What is data discovery?. [online] Available at: 6. Tim, B. L. (n.d.). How Can Smart Data Discovery Tools Generate Business Value? Retrieved from datapine: 7. Wang, X. (2012). Relationship or revenue: Potential management conflicts between customer relationship management and hotel revenue management. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31(3), pp.864-874.
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Information Technology Management (Spring 2019)

Research Proposal on:
Impact of Data Discovery Process on Organization Performance

Dr. Mounir Elkhatib
Manal AlMehrzi – 200101218
Maitha AlQmazi – 200110247
Latifa AlAmeeri – 200014655

Data discovery is a process that encompasses recognizing and detecting delicate or
controlled data to secure or remove it effectively (Lord, 2018). Data discovery is a vital constituent
of compliance readiness, thus, making it prioritized in organizations. This is because data is a
precious aspect of business that will be very beneficial and offer lasting solutions to business
challenges if well analyzed. Consequently, data discovery is not an instrument but is a useroriented procedure for detecting patterns by visually detecting and applying guided analytics to
the data. It encompasses three main categories which are data research, visual breakdown, and
guided analytics. Data discovery process requires skills in analyzing relationships between data
and data modeling. These skills help in the revelation of insights. However, some systems gather
data, find patterns about the required subject, and then output analyzed information depending on
the business need. The research aims to find the data discovery systems or tools used in
organizations as well as the effect of the data discovery process on organization performance.
Rak Bank which is headquartered in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates is a retail and
commercial bank which offers Islamic merchandizing, small businesses, and commercial banking
services via its many branches. Rak Bank has over 9,500 employees and is 52.76% possessed by
the government of Ras-Al-Khaimah with publicly traded shares. The other owners are UAE
citizens who own 26.99% and lastly, foreign ownership which accounts for 20.25%. The bank’s
vision statement is to offer imp...

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