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I need someone to write help me write a speech and get it done in 4 hours (: I have the topic and information. Need someone to help me write it

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Find attached work, thank you. Please let me know if everything is ok. I will be happy to help with more assignments in the future.

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Informative Speech on Recycling and Reusing Items
Environmental degradation is one of the major challenges that today’s world is
experiencing. The presence of numerous pollutants in the ecosystem and an increase in human
population are exerting pressure on natural resources, such as water and forests. As such, there is
a need to protect nature by reducing the consumption of resources. This can be achieved through
recycling and reusing items; thus, saving energy. The viewpoint stems from the fact the energy
sources account for a significant percentage of pollutants. For this reason, lowering energy
consumption goes a long way in protecting the universe. Therefore, the speech intends to provide
in-depth details on why recycling and reusing are important to the ecosystem as they reduce the
need to consume natural resources.
To begin with, there are many materials that people can recycle found in the objects that
people use daily. Some of the materials ...

Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.

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