Contrast Spoon River Anthology and The Story of An Hour Questions Response

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Read Fletcher and Ollie McGee's epitaphs from Spoon River Anthology and read "The Story of an Hour." Respond to the following questions using evidence from the texts to support your answers.

  1. Spoon River AnthologyWhat do you know about Ollie and Fletcher McGee after reading their epitaphs? Use evidence from the text to support your response.
  2. "The Story of an Hour"How does Mrs. Mallard feel when she thinks of her life after her husband's death? Use evidence from the text to support your response.
  3. Compare and Contrast Spoon River Anthology and "The Story of an Hour"Respond to the following prompt in a 6-10 sentence paragraph. Remember to use evidence from each text to support your response.In what ways are the characters Ollie McGee from Spoon River Anthology and Mrs. Mallard from "The Story of an Hour" similar? How does each character feel about her marriage and about her husband? How do these feelings reflect the lives of women in 19th and early 20th century America?

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