How did The Industrial Revolution Transform Europe and The World?

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I was suppose to pick two of the ten prompts listed in the file i attatched below, if anyone can help my pick 2 better choices that will be easier to write about that will be fine, there is no bibliography or sources required. The two prompts i picked are

(1) How did the Industrial Revolution transform Europe and the world? What long term economic, social, technological, and political changes resulted?


(2) How did imperialism influence the attitudes of the Western nations toward other peoples? Using Rudyard Kipling's poem "White Man's Burden", examine how the work of scientists and philosophers were used to create stereotypes and justifications that promoted colonial policies.

Just a strong outline and key points would be great a help. This is practice for my final exam so if anyone could do a sample essay that would be great as well. The essays should be 2.5 pages each. I'm willing to pay for assistance.

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The Ancient European Society

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How did the Industrial Revolution transform Europe and the world? What long term
economic, social, technological, and political changes resulted?
The industrial revolution in Europe occurred in two tremendous series from the 18th
century. The first revolution took place between 1840 and 1870 with its impacts largely limited
to Great Britain. The second revolution which evolved from the first occurred from 1870 to 1914
posing several impacts in Europe and the whole world. This was a period when major
developments were witnessed with most of the rural societies in Europe and America grew into
urban. The first revolution was identified with the development of steam power. During the
second revolution, new methods of production, especially in the manufacturing sector, were
developed. It was a shift into the adoption of new technology that contributed to mass
production. There were significant advancements in the agricultural sector due to the
introduction of fertilizers which led to high crop production. Generally, the industrial revolution
in Europe was first witnessed in Britain because it had a rich source of coal and iron ore which
were essential for industrialization.
The industrial revolution led to the development of European industries and trade. The
workers could no longer use handmade tools and operate from their home was it was in the first
case. The products were made in a more diversifies way as factories specialized on a single line
of products. Division of labor and specialization ensued due to the introduction of the assembly
line. This led to increased speed and quality of production. The machines displaced many
workers as they were first and efficient. Industrialization, however, made the laborers to workers
live in horrible conditions. They were forced to work for very long hours. Again, there were
many industrial accidents and exposure to toxic materials like coal and steel caused their death.
In response, the workers all...

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