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Please follow the instructions given on the attachment. This will be an essay. Use the photos I attached for everything you can, whatever else you can't feel free to look this play up on youtube.

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A FRIENDLY REMINDER As a courtesy to the performers and your fellow patrons, please adhere to the following guidelines: No talking, no texting, no little blue screens of any kind. Do not take pictures during the performance—it is an infringement of copyright laws and distracting to the performers and to your fellow patrons. Please leave food and drink outside the theater, except for bottled water. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING A GREAT THEATERGOING EXPERIENCE! 11 The Glendale Community College Theatre Arts Department is a part of The Visual and Performing Arts Division Division Chair, Dr. Peter Green THEATRE ARTS DEPARTMENT Full Time Faculty: Melissa R. Randel, Co-Chair Jeanette Farr, Co-Chair Adjunct Faculty: Matt Braaten Matt Foyer Guido Girardi Martin James Derek Jones Vsevolod Krawczeniuk Armina La Manna Ben Karasik Megan MacLean Jeremiah Munsey Ken Gray, Emeritus Staff: llana Hirschhorn Office Assistant Lois Tedrow Costume Shop Supervisor Marco Navarro Performing Arts Technicians Nathan Milisavljevich Guido Girardi Performing Arts Production Manager Gohar Babakhanian Assistant to the Production Manager Jeremiah Munsey House Management Matt Braaten The Theatre Arts Department at Glendale Community College is unlike any other. With our community resources in Southern California and access to nearby Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles theatre and film communities, many of our students work in the entertainment industry and take classes and participate in productions at GCC in order to build their resume and add to their performance experiences. The activities of the department are designed to give our students the maximum experience and training in the least amount of time and yet allow students to shape their own program based upon their personal goals in performance. The department has an unusually close relationship with the Music and Dance Departments on campus and produces one interdepartmental musical every other year. Come and join us! 1' 0-244-8481 THE GLENDALE COLLEGE THEATRE ARTS DEPARTMENT PRESENTS THE G YOU'RE 4 Good Man CHARLIE BROWN som Based on The Comic Strip "Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz Book, Music and Lyrics by Clark Gesner THE VIDEOTAPING OR MAKING OF ELECTRONIC OR OTHER AUDIO AND/OR VISUAL RECORDINGS OF THIS PRODUCTION OR DISTRIBUTING RECORDINGS ON ANY MEDIUM, INCLUDING THE INTERNET, IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, A VIOLATION OF THE AUTHOR'S RIGHTS AND ACTIONABLE UNDER UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT LAW. "YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN" is presented by arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK NON-TRADITIONAL CASTING It is the policy of the Theatre Arts Department to practice "non-traditional casting." All parts are cast on the ability of the student performer, regardless of age, race, ethnicity or other such artificial distinctions OXA Ticket sales are made possible by GLENDALE special arrangement with Glendale Arts. ARTS TM Before turning off your phone, be sure to CHECK IN! ft Rh Alr En Jo Se JC Glendale Community College Theatre Arts Department 1500 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA 91208 (818) 240-1000 x5618. @GCCTAD #gcctheatre 2 G M H ESENTS THE GLENDALE COLLEGE THEATRE ARTS DEPARTMENT PRESENTS WN You're Good Man, Charlie Brown Based on The Comic Strip "Peanuts" by Charles M. Schulz Book, Music and Lyrics by Clark Gesner THER CTION DIUM, D, A ABLE Additional Dialogue by Michael Mayer Additional Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa Original Direction for this version of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" by Michael Mayer Originally Produced in New York by Arthur Whitelaw and Gene Persson Directed and Choreographed by: Richard Kuller Musical Direction by: Tobin Sparfeld Costume Design: Megan Maclean Production & Lighting Design: Guido Girardi Properties Design: Nathan Milisavljevich Rhiannon Lewis Alma Dominguez Emily Anasti Joshua Archer Seth Freed Joenhel Cayanan Gabriella Karaki Manny Armas Harrison Smythe THE CAST Sally Brown Lucy Van Pelt Snoopy Schroeder Charlie Brown Linus Van Pelt Peppermint Patty/Sally Brown US Franklin/ Charlie Brown Understudy Shermy 3 018-244-8481 PRODUCTION TEAM STUDENT CREWS EMIL Amanda Reynoso first pi roles Suhyeon Heo Seth Freed and " Guilherme Ludeke Evie Nootenboom Daria Kuznetsova, Juliana Richards JOSH Main: He h Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Dance Captain Wardrobe Assistant Light Board Operator Follow Spot Operators Sound & Projection Operator Assistant Audio Engineer Props Assistant Stage Hand & 'Side Man' Fly System Operators Jimin Kang Jimin Kang Filip Nilsson Nicki Baric Grea The God Nigh Ame the com Edward Khris Fernandez, Filip Nilsson Students of TART 171 & 180 Students of TART 123 Scenic Construction Crew & Electrics Crew Costume Crew and PRODUCTION STAFF med futu Richard Kuller Guido Girardi Megan MacLean Guido Girardi Nathan Milisavljevich, Guido Girardi Producer Production Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Audio Designer Background Artist Assistant Choreographer Production Manager Technical Director Props Master Costume Shop Supervisor MA is N trai The pla Bic ha СО in to m pl John DeCastro Bernadette Sebastian Guido Girardi Guido Girardi Nathan Milisavljevich Lois Tedrow Nathan Milisavljevich Marco Navarro Brenda Hayes Nathan Milisavljevich Benjamin Karasik, Derek Jones, Guido Girardi Master Carpenter Master Electrician Scenic Artist Sound Engineer Run Crew Supervisor fc JO С FRONT OF HOUSE CREW Box Office Manager House Managers Ushers llana Hirschhorn Matt Braaten, Jeremiah Munsey Students of the Theatre Arts classes 4 Running Time: “[120 minutes] with an intermission"
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Review: ‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown’
Based on the comic creation ‘Peanuts,' you're a Good Man, Charlie Brown,' by Charles
M.Schulz, is a musical comedy whose music is inspired by Clark Gesner. Directed by Sam
Jaimes and formatted in simple animation and color, the play is produced by Richard Kuller with
Guido Girardi as the production designer. Loise Tedrow is the props manager of the playwright
while the background artist is John De Castro. Charlie Brown acts as the main character with the
support of other cast members like; Lucy Pan velt, Linus Van Pelt, Sally Brown, Patty,S
chroeder, and Snoopy. Released in January 2016, ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’ focuses
on wild optimism and despair. The content of the musical is extracted from the Broadway
Musical while the sounds and anim...

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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