​After reading "Chapter 6: Remixing" in Rewriting, 2nd edition (pages 125-143), type up an outline.

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After reading "Chapter 6: Remixing" in Rewriting, 2nd edition (pages 125-143), type up an outline.

  1. Choose 10-15 important concepts you learned in this section. Use quotation marks or paraphrasing appropriately to avoid plagiarism, and include a page number for each of these concepts. Also, use bullet points or numbering for each new concept. Underlineor bold any key terms/phrases for emphasis within each bullet point.
  2. For each bullet point (concept), add 1-2 sentences, explaining the importance of this concept, or why it stood out to you. Use complete sentences.
  3. Aim for 400-800 words total. Put this word count in the 5th line of your heading.

The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate a deep understanding of the reading. Think of it as a study guide you can refer to easily later. Be sure to upload a doc, docx, or pdf file.

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Running head: OUTLINE


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Chapter six, "Remixing," explains how students should utilize the acquired skills and
competence to incorporate ideas from different resources. The chapter emphasizes the
argument of rewriting phrases through the description of the concepts that are common in an
acceptable remixing. The section discusses several concepts common in remixing, some of
which are outlined below.
1. Response. The author explains that remixing plays a significant role in ensuring that
the students construct an answer that is consistent with the text and issue of the
assignment. He notes that ...

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