The History of One of The Music Styles Essay

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1. Describe in detail the history of one of the music styles. Choose only one style from the list. Be sure to include these points in your response:

* key elements of the style (use correct terminology and descriptive language)

* important musical and social events leading up to and during the height of the style

* key musicians associated with the style

* brief description of important songs associated with the style

* impact that the style has had on modern music history and social events

* why the style is important to modern music history

* your opinion of the style

Music Styles

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Music | Graded Assignment | Semester Test, Part 2

* jazz

* blues

* Motown

* gospel

* folk

* bluegrass

* country

* folk music revival

* early rock and roll

* heavy metal

* protest music

* progressive rock

* hip-hop

* reggae

2. Choose one artist from the list and describe in detail that person’s life, significant contributions to, and influence on music. Be sure to include these points in your response:

* background of the time in which that person lived

* important events in that person’s life

* style(s) of music that person is best known for

* important music compositions

* characteristics commonly found in that person’s music (if a performing artist)

* why you think that person is unique and important to the history of music

* your opinion of that person’s music or contributions to music


* Miles Davis (jazz)

* W.C. Handy (blues)

* Berry Gordy Jr. (Motown)

* Mahalia Jackson (gospel)

* Elvis Presley (rock)

* the Beatles (rock)

* Cecil Sharp (folk)

* Rogers and Hammerstein (musical theater)

* Russell Simmons (hip-hop)

* Queen Latifah (hip-hop)

* Bob Marley (reggae)

* an artist of your choice that represents a style and has made a significant impact in the world of music

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Music History
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Jazz Music
Jazz is a form of music with numerous subgenres, hence considered difficult to define.
Among its defining elements is improvisation. The improvisation’s centrality is attributed to by
earlier music forms’ influence, especially from blues. The jazz world involves distinct forms of
music including light and happy, heavy and serious, smooth and easy, or even slow and mellow.
It is played by groups and bands and has been played on possibly all musical instruments. Jazz
originated between the late 19th century and the 20th century. It occurred as a combination of

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